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Current Promotions

The Bulari Saga: The Complete Series (8 books): Sci-Fi Crime Thrillers Kindle Edition
by Jessie Kwak 
 Price: $0.99 or FREE via Kindle Unlimited

 Genre: CyberPunk Science Fiction

Demon Moon (Prof Croft Book 1) Kindle Edition
by Brad Magnarella  
 Price: $0.99 or FREE via Kindle Unlimited

 Genre: Comedy, Urban Fantasy

The Dragon Signet (Valiant Eva Stellara, Book 1 – Part 1) Kindle Edition
by Elon Vidal     
 Price: $0.99 or FREE in KU

 Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy

The Nyxia White Stories (3 book series)
Kindle Edition
by Orlando A. Sanchez
 Price: $0.99 EACH!! or FREE via KU

 Genre: Urban Fantasy

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