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Team up with authors in your genre to grow your mailing list!

Our Newsletter Builders:

  • Guarantee targeted readers for the specific genre.
  • Require zero publishing & mailing list minimums.
  • Offer networking with other authors in your genre.
  • Have minimal share requirements.

Never used a Newsletter Builder to gain subscribers before? Get your questions answered in this post:

Newsletter Builders: how & why they kickstart your author career

New builders are announced in the following locations:

  1. Patreon (Early Access)
  2. Discord
  3. Writer Newsletter
  4. Marketing Hub FB Group
  5. Larger Author FB Group

Register for a Builder:

The below panel is a new way I am organizing these events. Feel free to join a builder, and email me at if you find the event to be missing any features that you usually find by submitting one of our google forms. By submitting on the below events it will create an account for you, that you will able to log into and see the booked items you have with us.


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