Every indie author needs a tribe.

A group of like minded authors that they can form a community with. We don’t think ‘how to succeed’ should be sold as a course, but instead shared among the community.

Join our Fantasy Writer Tribe on Facebook or Discord to be apart of our family! See the full hope for this tribe here

Our Discord Server is separated by where you are on the writing journey.
You MUST reach level 10 within the general chat channels before these will be visible to you.

We separate it as such to help people have the most beneficial conversation possible with people at the same stage in publishing.

Novice: You’ve not published a book yet, or have published a few but are not making money off them.

  • You are still learning the basics of craft & the publishing industry. 
  • You are working on making time for writing, and still working on if you want to make publishing a career.
  • You have questions about basic parts of indie publishing and writing that can be answered by google. 
  • You are asking open ended questions that have broad in answers.
  • You are reading non-fiction books like “On Writing”.

Intermediate: You’ve published 3+ books or have a book sales revenue of $500/month (must apply to gain access )

  • You have the basics down, and have published many books. 
  • You have questions that can’t always be found with google. 
  • You are asking pointed questions about writing and publishing. Something that can be debated, and has a solid answer.
  • You are diving deeper into the craft of writing. 
  • You are reading books like “The Story Grid”.

Mastermind: You’ve published 10+ books or have a book sales revenue of $2,000/month (must apply to gain )

  • You have been around the block with publishing your own books, and are past being able to find answers to your questions from anyone other than those that are above you on the indie publishing ladder. 
  • You know your career is being a published author, it’s paying bills and have your sights set on becoming a six figure author. 
  • Your questions have evidential proof, and often involve stats, and hard numbers.
  • You are reading books like “The Anatomy of Story”

Finding you’ve mastered the information in most author groups but you don’t do Discord?

Apply to see the Mastermind Facebook Group and receive the support you need to grow as a published author.

If there is anything you’d like us to research or post about let us know on Discord, or Contact Us!

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