Aconite Café Tribe

We’re a welcoming place for both Readers and Writers, where we share our passion for books, with an emphasis placed on Fantasy and Cozy Mystery. Did you love Lord of the Rings, Agatha Christie, Eragon, and more? This is the place for you!


  • Reader Community. Do you love books? Because we do! Our members are the people walking around the office drinking the fourth cup of coffee in the morning because they stayed up until 4 reading their new favorite book. Did you just learn than X dies on page 394? Come commiserate with your tribe-mates and get recommendation on what to read next.
  • Monthly Read Alongs. Want to share the experience of reading a book for the first time, or discuss a book you read previously? We have monthly read alongs where we do just that! Cozy Mystery Book Club 
  • Mental Health Support. Are you looking for a community of growth mindset individuals that can give you the support you need not only in reading, but also in life? Look no further! From Mental Health Check In Mondays, to celebrating life wins, and commiserating during life lows, our tribe is thick as thieves. 


  • Accountability. Do you find it hard to stay motivated when you’re lost in the middle of your story? We have an accountability thread just for that, where our tribe members root each other on to keep one another accountable to themselves and their stories.
  • Marketing Assistance. Marketing yourself as an indie author is one of the biggest hurdles in publishing. Don’t go through this without a tribe to help. In our writing channels, we have sections to discuss promotion, and ad tactics, plus a review team and launch party for any author to utilize. There isn’t always just one way to do things to create a successful publishing career. By having a group of writers you can discuss successes and fails with a group of people that understand the struggles and actively want to help everyone succeed. We aren’t competing against each other, we are competing against the world together.
  • A Fan Base. We love the idea of having a one stop place for readers and writers to connect. There is no reason to have 10 different places to keep up with, when we can band together and create one place. So much goes into indie publishing, and the best way we’ve discovered to help indie authors is by creating a fan base for them.