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Looking for a tribe that reads Cozy Mysteries? 

We’d love for you to join ours! Discuss your favorite books, and make friendships to last a lifetime. Our tribe is an inclusive place for readers to relax and get lost in the world of cozy mystery.

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Looking for a tribe that writing Cozy Mysteries? 

We’d love for you to join ours! Learn the ins & outs of publishing with like minded authors! From discussing marketing to building promotions together, you’ll find everything you need to move you further on your publishing journey. 

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Help us hit the USA TODAY Best Seller list by pre-ordering A Bookworm of a Suspect! All proceeds will be donated to “The Free Book Bus” a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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Sabetha's Cozy Mystery Reads

Pineapple Pack: Pineapple Port Mystery Series Books 1-3
it was amazing
Book 1 Who knew a retirement community could be so much fun?! Loved the concept of this world building, a girl being raised by a retirement community, and staying there into her adult years. She def. fit right in with the retirees and t...
Pineapple Puzzles
it was amazing
This installment was a bit problematic for me, but I adore the cast, and found the storyline to be unique and thrilling at points so I'm still 5 staring it. I love that Charlotte is having to work at being a PI. Being observant, findin...
Pineapple Mystery Box
it was amazing
The characters in these books are so hilarious. Loved getting more back story to many of the cast members, and seeing Charlotte stumble through learning how to become an investigator. I like that while she is the sleuth, the story does...

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