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From Aconite Cafe

A Tradition of Allegations
A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology, Book 9
by Rune Stroud, Patty Joy, Selina J. Eckert, Carmen Radtke, JR Lancaster, Jessica Thompson, and Nancy Basile.

Holiday traditions can be so delightful, but for our sleuths they’re just another case.

Will they be able to solve their case in time to enjoy the holiday festivities?
Pour yourself a mug of hot cocoa and settle in to find out!

From our Patron Authors

The Seaside Murder Before Christmas
By the Sea Cozy Mystery Series, Book 6
by Shannon Symonds

This year, Christmas in Esther and Sophie’s beach town is anything but jolly.

Despite enjoying the Parade of Lights, cutting fresh Christmas trees, and eating delicious treats, murder has darkened the Christmas spirit in Necanicum.

With all the strange goings on, Sophie and Esther take seasonal jobs at the newest business in town: a books and bakery shop. But when someone starts killing the competition at another bookstore, the girls know they must find answers before Santa comes to town.

Was it the bad boy baker with the wrench in the library? Or was it the new school principal with the Christmas cookies by the fire?

Make room for some old-fashioned traditions and sleuthing as Sophie and Esther race to solve the mystery before this Christmas becomes someone’s last chapter.

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For Santa’s Sake, Harlow!
Ask Crystal Ball Mysteries, Book 1
by Gwen Gardner

Christmas Spirit takes on a whole new meaning…

When Crystal Ball goes missing during the holidays, Harlow Grayson gets stuck writing the Ask Crystal Ball psychic column. Although Harlow is a firm skeptic, the column is popular, and a deadline is looming.

But when Harlow activates a multicolored pen she finds in Crystal’s desk, releasing her ghost, everything Harlow thought she believed (or didn’t believe) is tossed out like used Christmas wrapping. How did Crystal wind up dead? She doesn’t know, but she’s determined to find out with Harlow’s help. Harlow wants no part of it, but it’s hard to argue with a ghost. After a second co-worker turns up dead, Harlow realizes that she’d better find the killer before the entire staff winds up in the obituary column.

For Santa’s Sake, Harlow! Is a light paranormal cozy mystery novella infused with the holiday spirit, a spirit who loves the holidays — all of them! — and an investigative reporter who’s coming around to her new reality.

Murder at the Christmas Carols
The Wootton Windmill Mysteries, Book 1
by Izzie Harper

A dead carol singer. Three women sleuths. Not your average village Christmas.

All Ellie Blix wants is to make it to New Year without any more disasters. She’s juggling jobs and looking after a sick daughter. Then her mother-in-law moves in and won’t stop interfering.

It’s the week before Christmas in the snowy village of Lower Wootton. When Andrea Burdett, Ellie’s estranged schoolfriend, collapses at the village carols, it quickly becomes clear she’s been murdered. Feeling guilty about the recent row she and Andrea had, and under suspicion herself, Ellie teams up with her daughter and mother-in-law to follow the clues and solve the mystery – much to the annoyance of Ellie’s detective inspector ex-husband.

Then a second villager is found dead. Can the three Blix women find the killer and return the community to safety?

The Mystery of the Christmas Bauble
Jake & Frances 1930s Mystery, Book 6
by Carmen Radtke

From the past, with love …

A cryptic message hidden in a tree ornament sends Fiona on a quest through the snowy streets of London.

Not that she believes anything written by a clairvoyant 90 years ago could have anything to do with the present, or should be taken seriously at all.

But she finds out soon that some mysteries ripple through time, and that she might have inherited more than just Christmas baubles with a prophecy from her sleuthing ancestors, Jack and Frances.

Caramelized Casualty
by S.C. Merritt

With the annual holiday unveiling of a giant gingerbread village, a fundraiser for a children’s charity, quickly approaching, Kate Kennedy’s stress level is through the roof. As the manager of Colorado’s premier boutique ski resort, dealing with eccentric personalities is the norm. But, when one of the four diva celebrity chefs turns up dead, her stellar reputation threatens to collapse. Kate decides she has no choice but to team up with the town’s newest detective if things are going to get wrapped up quickly. Can she expose the killer in time to salvage the fundraiser and save what’s left of her job?

Joy to the Wool
Clear Creek Mysteries, Book 4
by Rebecca McKinnon

All dressed up for the holidays, Clear Creek looks like it’s right out of a storybook. But the decorations aren’t just for fun. The tiny Rocky Mountain town is hosting a Christmas Festival sure to be used as a pattern for years.

While Jemma is busy with the Cozy Tree — a place visitors can buy hand-knitted hats and scarves to donate to people in need — Granny is busy taking bets on which day of the event Jemma will find a body. But to everyone’s surprise, this time Granny’s the one who makes the discovery!

Choosing to put her relationship with Brandon first, Jemma agrees to steer clear of the investigation. But Granny’s determination to solve the crime lands Jemma the impossible job of keeping the spunky old lady out of trouble, and breaking and entering is just the beginning of their adventure.

When the Cozy Tree is vandalized, it becomes obvious the pair is making someone nervous. Can Jemma and Granny knit up the investigation before Santa climbs in his sleigh?

At the Scent of the Crime
Wicked Wick Mysteries, Book 1
by Melrose McFadden

A duo of amateur sleuths must follow their noses to solve a murder in the first installment of this small-town cozy mystery series.

Childhood friends Leigh Hill and Paloma Finch left their high-pressure, big-city jobs to pursue a quieter life running the Wicked Wick candle shop in the small town of Fall Haven. Rumors about a giant chain warehouse store moving to town have the mom-and-pop business owners on edge, but the community is stringing up lights, baking pies, and setting up booths in the town square to sell their wares at the annual Winter Festival. When a prominent local businessperson winds up dead in the middle of the festival grounds, Leigh and Paloma realize their little hamlet isn’t as quiet and innocent as they had hoped. Plenty of people have a lot to lose if the megastore comes to town, but are any of them angry enough to kill? The women of Wicked Wick must sniff around for clues and solve the crime before their business — or their lives — are snuffed out.

The Present Predicament
Jericho Falls Cozy Mysteries, Related Read
by Brook Peterson

Amidst the holiday cheer at Jericho House, a mischievous culprit emerges. Elliot, the tuxedo cat, delights in scaling the monumental Christmas tree and shattering priceless, antique ornaments. To thwart Elliot’s antics, Grandma Lily and Chloe devise a plan. But their well-intentioned solution triggers a cascade of predicaments, leading to the complete loss of Grandma’s Christmas spirit.

Can Grinch-like Chloe rediscover the true joy of the season by finding the perfect gift for Grandma Lily? And might dashing Police Chief Garner extend a helping hand in this festive fiasco? Join the residents of Jericho Falls in a heartwarming small-town Christmas caper, where love, laughter, and a touch of mystery weave a holiday tale beneath the twinkling lights of the season.

Murder at the Highland Castle
A Miss Underhay Mystery, Book 14
by Helena Dixon

A majestic castle by a Scottish loch, a glass of whisky by a roaring fire, stockings hung by the chimney… and a body? It’s a midwinter murder for Kitty Underhay!

Winter, 1935. Lightly dusted with snow and nestled on the edge of a sweeping Scottish loch, Finnglach Castle looks positively magical. Kitty Underhay, her husband Matt and their beloved dog Bertie are delighted to be celebrating the new year with a Hogmanay party, but just after midnight, a shot rings out across the grounds…

Their host, Lord Barlas, is dead, murdered in the snow. The killer’s footprints have vanished and the gun is missing. With the snow-covered castle completely cut off, and a killer in their midst, Kitty and Matt need to work fast to find the culprit before someone else ends up dead.

As the weather worsens, the guests begin discussing dark Highland stories about evil spirits. But with an anxious daughter, a new wife set to inherit a fortune and a suspicious spiritual adviser, Kitty is sure the killer is close at hand. Can she, Matt and Bertie sniff out the treacherous culprit in time for haggis and whisky or will they find themselves skating on dangerously thin ice?

Murder for a Song
Musical Mayhem, Book 1
by KM Jackways

Magic can be in all of us.
Esther is a talented musician who lives in a charming small town. Life’s not easy for a thirty-something, trying to hold down three jobs and practise music with her bandmate. But when murder comes to her workplace, everyone is a suspect.

When her best friend is taken in for questioning, it’s up to Esther to prove his innocence. With her ukulele that has a will of its own and an uncanny gift to get people talking, she takes over where the police have failed.

The mystery deepens when she discovers something more magical than just caffeine flows in her veins. Can Esther clear her friend’s name, uncover the witchy family secrets and figure out why the police detective seems to be following her by Christmas?

Murder for a Song is the first book in the delightful Musical Mayhem series. If you like witty female sleuths who are 30+, stories about finding the witch within and sweet slow-burn romance, you will love these magical cozy mysteries.

Murder at the Christmas Market
A Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe Mystery, Book 3
by Dawn Brookes

Lady Marjorie’s plans for a quiet time are in tatters when her son asks her to host his business guests the week before Christmas…

Time to bring in reinforcements. The awesome foursome get together again.

Pandemonium isn’t a word Marjorie Snellthorpe is used to, but when an array of eccentric guests descend on her London home, along with a quirky cook and a large dog, even Edna Parkinton’s advice is welcome. With her son Jeremy and his extravagant wife Octavia swanning off elsewhere, Horace calls in the ever capable Faith Weathers to help manage the unruly crowd.

During a visit to a Christmas market one of the guests dies under suspicious circumstances. Marjorie and her senior friends are determined to find the person responsible and protect one of her own from being arrested by the officious Detective Inspector in charge of the case.
Will the four friends find a killer before one of them becomes a Christmas catastrophe?

Death by Fountain
Travel Can Be Murder Cozy Mystery Series, Book 5
by Jennifer S. Alderson

Rome—the city of churches, marble, … and murder? For one American tourist, a famous fountain will become her final resting place.

Wedding bells are ringing, and Lana Hansen could not be happier! Wanderlust Tours guide Randy Wright and his Italian girlfriend are tying the knot in Tuscany, right after he and Lana finish leading a Christmas-themed tour around Rome.

Unfortunately for Randy, his ex-girlfriend is still convinced they are meant to be together. When she shows up at his hotel, they have a nasty fight, and Randy threatens to harm her if she doesn’t leave him be.

After her body is found in the Trevi Fountain, Randy is immediately arrested. Lana is convinced he didn’t do it, yet none of her other guests seemed to have wished the young women ill.

With a shortage of suspects, Lana must dig deep in order to sleuth out who really killed Randy’s ex-girlfriend—before his visit to the Eternal City becomes permanent.

Murder Under the Mistletoe
Maybridge Murder Mysteries
by Liz Fielding

Abby Finch arrives at the old church hall armed with festive mistletoe and holly, ready to decorate. But within moments of her walking through the door, tragedy strikes . . .

Edward Marsh reaches to test the antique star at the top of the tree. There’s a fizz and the lights go out.

Abby hears the sickening thud of a body hitting the floor. When the lights turn back on, Edward is dead.

It soon becomes clear it was no accident.

The real victim should have been Gregory Tatton. Dapper silver fox. Popular with the ladies of the seniors’ lunch club. A known blackmailer . . .

Abby is desperate to find out the truth, but putting herself in danger isn’t on her Christmas wish list.

Who’s been naughty? Who’s been nice? Who’s hiding the fact they’re a murderer?

A Christmas Cruise Murder
A Rachel Prince Mystery, Book 5
by Dawn Brookes

Rachel’s plans to spend the festive season with Carlos are in tatters when he is called to Italy at short notice.

Deciding to take a last-minute Canary Island cruise, her best friend Sarah (cruise ship nurse) is only too pleased to have her along. Sarah’s parents are taking their first cruise and her mother is keen for her to settle down, dropping hints like bombs. Rachel is glad to offer moral support. It might also help take her mind off her own disappointment.

Rachel sits next to a petulant maître d’ on the coach to Southampton. When the maître d’ is found dead later that evening, Rachel can’t resist snooping. The death appears to have been caused by a fatal asthma attack, but Rachel’s gut tells her otherwise.

Chief Security Officer Jack Waverley is confused and upset when his wife appears to be implicated in the unpopular man’s untimely demise.

Suspects are in plentiful supply as Rachel uncovers secrets among crew and passengers, all with motive. As Rachel closes in on the killer she needs to be careful as they have their eye on her.

Even Christmas cruises are fatal when Rachel Prince boards a ship. Can she find out who is responsible before she ends up another victim?

Christmas Cat-astrophe
Holiday Pet Sleuth Mysteries, 21 Books
by Annee Jones

It’s beginning to look a lot like arson this Christmas season…

The Cat Café is buzzing with excitement this holiday season as they prepare for the Holiday Fur Ball & Silent Auction. As Tinsley and her crew put the finishing touches on the treats and decorations, she can’t help but daydream about the new animal shelter she hopes to build with the money from the auction.

The excitement soon fizzles, however, when a fire breaks out at the café with the fur babies inside. Thankfully, they’re rescued by firefighters and all safe and sound. But everyone at the Cat Café is shocked when the fire’s cause is determined to be arson. With the future of the new shelter now on shaky ground, Tinsley knows what she must do.

She must find the culprit before they try again. Even if she has to work with the handsome but know-it-all representative from the ball’s big tech sponsor, Nick Greenly.

Mother Mayhem
An Eden Creek Cozy Mystery, Book 4
by JL Vanderbeek

Families sure know how to bring the drama!

All MC Barker wants is to make it through a week with her newfound birth family so she can spend Christmas with her closest friends. Those plans are put in peril when she stumbles over a dead body and becomes the prime suspect.

Between family heirlooms, family history, and family squabbles, MC dreams of fleeing to her peaceful Eden Creek apartment. Will she be able to leave her worries behind or will trouble follow her all the way home?

Mother Mayhem is the fourth book of the Eden Creek Mystery series, cozy mysteries with a tarot twist!

The Twelve Suspects of Christmas
Julie Cavallo Investigates, Related Book
by Ana T. Drew

Grannies, gangsters, murders—and a rollicking journey across France!

It’s January 4, 1961, and Marseilles housemaid Annie Malian is in love. It’s also the day her fiancé René takes his life under peculiar circumstances.

Many decades later, an old Christmas postcard addressed to Annie arrives, and all her doubts come flooding back.
At 84, there’s no time to waste!
Annie enlists the help of Rose Tassy, an eccentric retired teacher and amateur sleuth.
Thus begins an unforgettable journey from Provence to a quaint village in Picardie and then on to the sparkling Riviera, with a detour through wintry Paris.

Amid yuletide festivities, Annie and Rose navigate perilous terrain. Their list of suspects quickly grows. Was it Rene’s older brother? Maybe the ex-gangster turned chicken farmer? The powerful Monegasque tycoon?
Stumped, Rose begins to question her detective mettle when a new death compounds the plot…

This Christmas, will Annie receive the overdue truth as a gift?

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