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From Aconite Cafe

A Prob-Llama of a Holiday
A Cozy Mystery Tribe Anthology, Book 13
by Patty Joy, Daisy Landish, Dominique Daoust, Ana Bisset, Cathy Rueter, Rune Stroud, and Diane Bator.

Deck the Halls with Bouts of Murder,
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-llama!
Tis the season to be sleuthing,
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-llama!

Spend this international llama day solving crime!
Each of these sleuths find themselves in an unexpected predicament.
Will their efforts be spit on, or can they sound the a-llama on the culprit?

From our Patron Authors

Jingle Bell Justice
by Nancy Basile

From BookFest award-winning author Nancy Basile

Christmas chaos is at an all-time high for Robin Pearce, having moved back to the small town of River Sutton, bought a shabby farmhouse, started a new business and a new relationship with handsome Sheriff Chris Payne.

Living in a money pit isn’t a great idea. She’s broke and bills are coming due. With no income and no prospects, Robin agrees to attend her sister Jenn’s Christmas party to welcome socialite guests to her new bed-and-breakfast, Cardinal Cottage, thinking she can drum up leads.

But when a dead body is discovered at the B and B the next morning, her sister’s sugar-plum dream of becoming a travel destination turns into a lump of coal. Robin is reluctant to meddle in the investigation and ruin her relationship with the sheriff.

Until Chris arrests Jenn’s wife for the murder!

Robin must act fast to discover the real killer and prove her sister-in-law’s innocence. With an old nemesis making a reappearance and her relationship with the sheriff at stake, will Robin be able to find the killer before it’s too late?

If you enjoy suspenseful mysteries like Agatha Christie, you’ll love this thrilling Christmas mystery from award-winning author Nancy Basile.

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Sweet and Santa
The Matchmaking Baker, Book 2
by Rosie Pease

Christmas magic, mystery, and matchmaking.

Although my recipes are a perfect fit for the town Santa next door, without a budget for ads, I’m counting on word of mouth to drive business during my first Christmas as a bakery owner.

But as things around town start to disappear, it’s all people can talk about as they wait in line for the jolly old elf. Rumors swirl as residents speculate whodunnit. And when one of the missing items is revealed to be an engagement ring last seen in my shop, my reputation is thrown in jeopardy. To save it, I’ll have to crack this case wide open like the tops of my chocolate kringle cookies.

Will a bit of Christmas magic allow me to find the ring—along with the other stolen goods—and win over Heartwood Hollow with my festive treats? Or will my efforts for a sweet holiday season for all earn me a permanent place on the town’s naughty list?

Candy Canes of Christmas Past
A Lucy Stone Mystery, Related Book
by Leslie Meier

Christmas past meets Christmas present in this holiday whodunit set in Tinker’s Cove, Maine, featuring reporter and sleuth Lucy Stone—and a not-so-cold case of murder. For fans of cozy mysteries and the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author’s ever-popular Lucy Stone series.

Twenty-some years ago, Lucy Stone arrived in Tinker Cove, Maine, and discovered her knack for solving mysteries. It happened when she met Miss Tilly, the town librarian, whose mother took a fatal fall down the basement stairs one Christmas Eve. The “accident” left a cloud of suspicion on Miss Tilly’s father—and a slew of other suspects . . .

The only clue was a glass candy cane found smashed to bits by the victim’s body. Now, as she unlocks the doors of Christmas past, Lucy must learn the mystery of the glass candy cane to expose secrets, scandal—and a killer who got away with murder . . .

Mutterly Mistaken
Holiday Pet Sleuth Mysteries, 21 Book Series
by Kathryn Mykel

Mutterly Mistaken and a trail of confusion. Can Kibbles show Alex where the missing quilts are before she’s out of the competition for good?

Quilts have gone missing at the annual Christmas Quilt Show. Barely having had enough time to complete her own quilt between Pressing Matters and Threading Troubles–Alex Bailey is relying on her usually perceptive pup, Kibbles, to sniff out the culprit. Except, Kibbles’ training is unstitched, and her senses become mutterly mistaken.

Will Kibbles detect the clues or will the missing quilt remain unhung?

Mutterly Mistaken is a charming stand alone book in the Holiday Pet Sleuth Mysteries Series. Read after Pressing Matters and before Threading Trouble, when reading the Quilting Cozy Mystery Series starting with Sewing Suspicion.

If you like Holiday, sweet, clean, wholesome cozy mysteries without murder; then you will love this locked room, animal sidekick, missing item, mystery.

Mistletoe, Murder & Mayhem
Melting Pot Cafe, Book 4
by Polly Holmes

Christmas is Saltwater Cove’s favourite holiday of the year, but that didn’t stop murder and mayhem from making an unscheduled visit.

The festive spirit is out and about, the eggnog is flowing, mistletoe is hung, and the town is pumped for the most exciting event on the Christmas calendar, the Annual Concert. This year aunt Edie decided it would be a brilliant idea to volunteer me and my best friend, Harriet, to run both Santa’s photo booth and the refreshment stall.

As the celebrations kick-off, things turn complicated fast when my childhood friend, Trixie Snowball, winner of the Elf of the Year contest, reveals she’s lost Santa’s list and is desperate to find it. I agreed to use my magic to help, but things take a turn for the worse when the runner-up of the contest turns up dead behind the refreshment stall, and Trixie is the number one suspect.

Christmas day is fast approaching, and now I’m in a race against time to find a murderer, clear Trixie’s name, bring the real killer to justice and find the list before disappointment rains down on children all over the world. How, oh, how did I get myself into such a predicament?

If you like witty witches, talking cats, and magical murder mysteries, then step into the fun and flirty romantic paranormal cozy mystery world of the Melting Pot Café series where the spells are flowing, and the adventure is sure to leave you craving more.

Mistletoe, Murder and Mayhem was originally titled A Killer Christmas List and published in the Christmas Crackers Anthology. It has been revised and new content added. If you think you know who the murderer is…think again.

A Dash of Deceit
A Cozy Eve Holdsworth Mystery
by Carmen Radtke




It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .

A happy relationship, a new puppy, and baking for a good cause – Eve’s life couldn’t get much better – until a woman collapses after eating gingerbread from the “Green Dragon” stall at the Christmas market.

With the pub kitchen closed until further notice and their baking under suspicion, seasoned amateur sleuths Eve and Hayley set out to find out who set out to spike their Yuletime for good.
Scroll up to grab your copy of this delicious, bite-sized cozy mystery.

Silent Nights and Shoplifting
Twin Bluebonnet Ranch Mysteries, 9 Book Series
by Brittany E. Brinegar

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the mall
Not a soul was shopping, they’re stealing from y’all.

But do you recall the most famous twin sleuths of all? Lizzie is an underpaid intern for a small-town private investigator and Samantha is a nosy reporter trying to survive the holiday. Neither expected to spend their Christmas Eve trapped in a mall with Santa, a frazzled mom, an eccentric toy collector… oh and a team of thieves robbing the place.

The crooks are making a list and checking it twice as they ransack the mall, one store at a time. But as the clock ticks the sleuths begin to suspect one of the hostages might be on the naughty list.

With the Policeman’s Ball occupying local law enforcement, can the twins and their Dalmatian sidekick thwart the robbery in time to save Christmas?

Noel’s Bells
by Christa Bakker

I thought I’d have a Christmas dinner the way it should be: a loving family gathered together at a candlelit table, delicious smells of the capon in the oven, and… stolen jewels hidden in the study? I should never have joined my criminal ex-in-laws for Christmas.

With the Beaujolais wine flowing, the family is turning into a bigger problem than the stolen jewels. Dodging old and new grudges, can I find the thief or should I run for my life?

A Christmas Puzzle
A Lady Thea Mystery, Related Read
by Jessica Baker

December 1910 – Lady Theodora returns to Astermore to spend a quiet holiday with her family. When her kitten Mercury finds an old key, a new mystery reveals itself to her.

This book takes place after the events of A Most Fashionable Murder.

Dead of Winter Break
A Cassandra Sato Mystery, Book 3
by Kelly Brakenhoff

It’s beginning to look a lot like murder . . . And Cassandra is knee deep in . . . Suspects.

Her boss is dead, and the police are calling it burglary gone wrong. But when the killer comes after her, it’s going to take more than a pair of furry boots to keep the smart, witty Morton College administrator, Cassandra Sato, out of the deep. . . Snow. Her first Christmas in Nebraska could be her last unless her friends help unravel the mystery and housebreak her dog. Buy now for a fast-paced, holiday themed whodunit.

Dead of Winter Break is the third book in Kelly Brakenhoff’s popular Cassandra Sato Mystery Series. Death by Dissertation was a 2020 RONE Award Finalist. Publishers Weekly called Dead Week, “a diverting whodunit.”

A Caterer’s Guide to Holidays & Homicide
Caterer’s Guide to Crime, Book 3
by Jessica Thompson

Deck the halls…with a personal chef, a snowed-in lodge, and a sprinkling of murder! “Watch the knives!”

While acting as personal chef for a friend’s mountain retreat, Violet and her husband, Jake, must set aside their stress over infertility and create a magical and delicious holiday – until tragedy crashes the party.
Being snowed in and unreachable from town, Violet and Jake end up hired for a different kind of job – finding out which of the guests committed murder and why they’re trying to frame their hostess.

Violet must find a balance until the police can reach them. But can she sniff out the killer before anyone else bites the big one?

A Caterer’s Guide to Holidays and Homicide will give you a culinary holiday to celebrate!

Peppermint Cookie Murder
Christmas Catastrophe Mysteries, Book 1
by Trixie Silvertale

When Santa’s daughter leaves the North Pole on a baking quest, will her sweet dreams turn fatally sour?
Cindy Claus is excited to open her own bakery. She’s determined to pursue her passion and have her holiday treats prove she’s more than a Yuletide heir. But before she can whisk up a success, her roommate is murdered and Cindy is the prime suspect.

With finding the real killer the only way to beat the rap, Cindy relies on the kindness of strangers and her father’s trusted arctic fox. But without a recipe for success in the unfamiliar human world, grilling the wrong suspects could put her behind bars…

Can Cindy sift out the clues before she’s done and dusted?

Peppermint Cookie Murder is the first book in the festive paranormal cozy series, Christmas Catastrophe Mysteries. If you like kind-hearted heroines, furry sidekicks, and a dash of mistletoe magic, then you’ll love Trixie Silvertale’s tasty whodunit.

Buy Peppermint Cookie Murder to cook up a frenzy today! *Features recipes from Cindy’s bakery!

Murder on Christmas Eve
A Dodo Dorchester Mystery, Book 6
by Ann Sutton

Dodo is invited to meet Rupert’s family for Christmas. What could possibly go wrong?

Fresh off the trauma of her last case, Dodo is relieved when Rupert suggests spending Christmas with his family at Knightsbrooke Priory.

The week begins with such promise until Rupert’s grandmother, Adelaide, dies in the middle of their Christmas Eve dinner. She is ninety-five years old and the whole family considers it an untimely natural death, but something seems off to Dodo who uses the moment of shock to take a quick inventory of the body. Certain clues bring her to draw the conclusion that Adelaide has been murdered, but this news is not taken well.

With multiple family skeletons set rattling in the closets, the festive week of celebrations goes rapidly downhill and Dodo fears that Rupert’s family will not forgive her meddling. Can she solve the case and win back their approval?

Cocoa Curses
Winter Witches of Holiday Haven
by Erin Johnson

A Christmas Cozy Mystery brimming with magic, laughs and a dash of romance!
Rudie Hollybrook’s killing it (pun intended) directing her family’s funeral home with her two zany sisters and her adorable pet snow fox in Holiday Haven, near the North Pole.

In her personal life, though, Rudie’s self-conscious about her unique ability to see spirits in a quaint town that considers such talents less than merry and bright.

But while volunteering at the Christmas Market, a few days before the big holiday, a woman drops dead–poisoned by her hot cocoa! When the woman’s ghost demands Rudie find her murderer, Rudie teams up with her crush at the local paper to discover the culprit.

Can Rudie embrace her gifts to find the cocoa killer before they ruin Christmas for the whole town?

Cocoa Curses is a charming, Christmas mystery with a town of characters you’ll fall in love with and so much cheer you can’t help but get in the holiday spirit.

Hand Caught in the Christmas Cookie Jar
A Newfound Lake Cozy Mystery
by Virginia K. Bennett

When the town librarian is an avid mystery and true-crime reader, the local law enforcement must need a book-smart assistant like her, right?

As December approaches, citizens around Newfound Lake look forward to Santa’s Village. Whether it’s for the craft fair or the trip to the North Pole to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus, everyone becomes a child at heart when they enter the Community Center. The best part about meeting Mrs. Claus is choosing a cookie made by the elves. Librarian Rebecca Ramsey, and other locals, supplement the cookie supply to help out the elves if production is low.

This year, Chief Kenny Towne is attending Santa’s Village with Rebecca, his two daughters, and his ex-wife. When their visit to the Arctic Circle is over, the night is just beginning. A deceased volunteer is found wrapped up like a present at the bottom of a restricted staircase, and the evidence is on ice.

Will Christmas come early this year when the murderer is added to the naughty list, or will Rebecca and Kenny be spending the holidays on a wild-goose chase?

Christmas Corpse
A Christmas Cozy Mystery Series, Book 1
by Katie Forrest writing as Mona Marple

Welcome to Candy Cane Hollow, where every day feels like Christmas!
Holly Wood (yes, that’s her real name) is driving home for Christmas and not feeling too happy about the empty house waiting for her.

When her car skids into a snow bank, she’s rescued by a sweet old lady who promises her name is Mrs Claus.

Holly is taken to Candy Cane Hollow to recover, and finds herself in a genuine winter wonderland.

As Christmas Day approaches, the grouchy medical receptionist appears to have been poisoned by a mince pie.

And to Holly’s surprise, Mrs Claus is the prime suspect.

With Mrs Claus under suspicion, Holly vows to return the woman’s generosity by clearing her name.

Maybe it will impress Mrs Claus’ dimpled dish of a son, too?

Christmas Corpse is a festive cozy mystery and first in an exciting new series by popular author Mona Marple. This book is a clean read, free from swearing, on-page violence or sexual content.

The Murder Before Christmas
A Charlie Kingsley Mysteries, Book 1
by Michele Pariza Wacek

If you’ve got a problem, Charlie Kingsley probably has a tea that’ll help make it right.

EXCEPT when it comes to love. She does NOT do love potions.

Not even for Courtney, her pregnant new client who showed up three weeks before Christmas seeking a love potion because her husband was cheating on her.

So, Courtney asked about poison, instead.

She said she was joking. That’s what happens between wives and husbands. They get angry and talk about killing each other. They don’t really mean it.

It seems to make sense … until Courtney’s husband turns up dead on Christmas Eve.

He was poisoned, of course.

And who is the number one suspect? Courtney. Of course.

But did she actually do it? Or is she being set up?

The Inn at Holiday Bay: Christmas in the Candlelight
The Inn at Holiday Bay, Book 26
by Kathi Daley

A heartwarming cozy mystery series about losing everything, taking a chance, and starting again.

After suffering a personal tragedy Abby Sullivan buys a huge old seaside mansion she has never even seen, packs up her life in San Francisco, and moves to Holiday Bay Maine, where she is adopted, quite against her will, by a huge Maine Coon Cat named Rufus, a drifter with her own tragic past named Georgia, and a giant dog with an inferiority complex named Ramos. What Abby thought she needed was alone time to heal. What she ended up with was, an inn she never knew she wanted, a cat she couldn’t seem to convince to leave, and a new family she’d never be able to live without.

In book 25 in the series, it’s Christmas in Holiday Bay and the whole town has pitched in to make it the best one yet. The inn is booked solid for the entire month between Thanksgiving and Christmas which means that Abby and her staff are working long hours to deliver the old fashion seaside Christmas they promised. As can be expected, there are a few glitches along the way but overall things seem to be right on schedule until a storm blows in, the lights go out, and one of the guests ends up dead.

Deck the Santa
Murder All the Way, Book 1
by Sue Hollowell

They wanted a peaceful vacation in a wintry location. But when Santa meets an untimely end, can these intrepid investigators save the season?

Chloe Carson is excited for her long-awaited family reunion. But as they gather in a snow-clad village to plan their aging mother’s dream of opening a restaurant, the old lady’s habit of spreading garden gnomes around town leads to a panicked pilgrimage. And the mayhem continues when their visit to the nutcracker museum reveals Kris Kringle has come to an unmerry demise.

With a ton of questions and no answers, Chloe and her cunning cocker spaniel furrow their brows while hunting for clues in the picture-postcard setting. But when the truth about the deceased jolly old elf comes to light, she discovers a line of suspects who all wanted to permanently stuff him into a giftbox.

Can Chloe wrap up a killer before someone else lands on a deadly naughty list?

Deck the Santa is the heartwarming first book in the Murder All the Way Christmas cozy mystery series. If you like colorful characters, pensive pooches, and tinsel-covered fun, then you’ll love Sue Hollowell’s holiday whodunit.

Buy Deck the Santa to jingle the culprit’s bells today!

Mistletoe Malarkey
Shayla Murphy Mastery, Book 1
by Stella Bixby

For more than a year, Shayla and Seamus have built a life together, falling in love, sharing dreams and laughter. Now, they’re embarking on a new adventure: spending Christmas with Seamus’s family in the enchanting land of Ireland.

Seamus, a down-to-earth park ranger, has always been modest about his background. Living with three roommates and driving a trusty old pickup truck, he never gave Shayla any reason to suspect he was anything but ordinary.

Until they land in Ireland, and Shayla discovers he’s practically Irish royalty.

The welcome is warm, but unexpected. The press descends, camera flashes ignite, and Shayla’s previously hidden insecurities start to surface. A holiday that was meant to be filled with festive family fun now carries the weight of public scrutiny.

The getting-to-know-you dinner party sets the stage for a complicated holiday. An old flame, a mysterious uncle, and a whole town full of complex characters await Shayla. The table is set with rich Irish fare, traditional music, and sparkling conversation.

But the celebration takes a dark turn when a guest ends up dead.

Local law enforcement are quick to step in, urging Shayla to leave the matter to them. Her policing skills might be respected in the United States, but in Ireland, she’s merely a visitor.

Shayla’s instincts are sharp, and whether she seeks them or not, clues seem to find her at every turn. Despite warnings from the Gardaí and the tangled web of family dynamics, she can’t shake her sense of duty to solve the case.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of a quaint Irish village, adorned with historic charm, this Christmas mystery unfolds with subtlety and suspense. Join Shayla as she navigates family traditions, new relationships, hidden agendas, and a murder that threatens to overshadow the joy of the season.

With a touch of romance, a hint of intrigue, and the authentic warmth of an Irish Christmas, this tale is a perfect fireside read. Embrace the season with this engaging holiday mystery, as Shayla proves that love, loyalty, and the pursuit of truth transcend borders.

Death Trims the Tree
Penelope Standing Mysteries, Related Novel
by Tess Baytree

Bah humbug!

It’s four days before Christmas, but Penelope Standing isn’t feeling very festive. Her son is halfway around the world, her gift for Jake isn’t finished, and she’s still trying to figure out how to decorate the house without Brutus, their mastiff, eating Santa and the reindeer. To top it all off, someone is stealing neighborhood holiday ornaments.

But nothing gets Penelope down for long. If she can’t decorate her own house, she can at least deal with the crabby neighbor offering visions of fiery sinners instead of sugarplums. And maybe track down the missing decorations while she searches for her holiday spirit.

Join Penelope, Jake, their dog, and a cast of friends in this heartwarming holiday mystery, the latest in The Penelope Standing Mysteries.

Murder at Christmas
A Mallory Beck Cozy Culinary Caper, Book 9
by Denise Jaden

Bah humbug!

Christmas, clues, and feline sleuths! Cozy up with this new standalone mystery today.

Tabby’s family has busy Christmas plans, which gives her the opportunity to fly across the country and visit West Virginia for the first time. Mallory and Amber both welcome Tabby to Honeysuckle Grove with open arms, but Hunch? He’s not so sure about a woman who unmistakably smells of another cat.

They settle in to celebrate the holidays together, and when Mallory and Tabby open Christmas gifts from under the tree and find an item that has no discernible benefactor, trying to discover its origin and purpose becomes the number one task on their Christmas agenda. Is it a treasure hunt constructed by Amber? Or Alex? Or both of them?

While they search for clues, Mallory prepares for an upcoming catering event. The mysterious gift’s source doesn’t become evident until a couple days later when Mallory’s and Amber’s catering event turns deadly!

If you’ve enjoyed the Mallory Beck Cozy Culinary Capers or the Tabitha Chase Days of the Week Mysteries, you’ll love this standalone whodunit where the sleuths team up to solve an unforgettable case.

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