Nomination Round will run January 1st to January 14th, 2020. 

Nomination Rules:

  1. Do not nominate your own book, or a book you have not read.
  2. All nominations must be:
    – Indie (self) published during 2019
    – A Novella or Novel. (60+ Amazon listed Page Count)
    – Fantasy
    – No main-plot romance. (If the plot doesn’t work without the romance, then it is main-plot romance.)
    – Published in English.
  3. The top 10 books in each category will advance to the next round.
  4. A person can only nominate:
    – a book once.
    – 3 books total.
  5. By nominating you are subscribing to the Aconite Cafe Newsletter.
  6. Nominations will be validated after they have closed, and books that do not meet the above qualifications will be removed.
  7. During the nomination round, the current standings listings do not mean the book has met all qualifications.

We reserve the right to disqualify any participate for any reason we see fit.

Check out our FAQ.

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Round 1

Jan. 22 – Feb. 4

Top 10 in each category face off for best in category.

Round 2

Feb. 6 – 19

Winner of each category face off for Book of the year.

Current Nomination Rankings 

Last updated: 1/17/20 – 7:52 PM CST 
All entries will now go through a final validation, you may see books change sub-genres or counts as we verify they meet the rules. If you find a mistake feel free to contact us. If your nomination is not listed below and you submitted by the above time, it is most like veto’d. See FAQ for more information.

Nominations Are Closed!

Coming of Age

Dark Fantasy

Dragons & Mythical Creatures

Epic Fantasy

Gaslamp Fantasy

Historical Fantasy

Humorous Fantasy


Urban Fantasy

Sword & Sorcery

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