the art of procrastination

If you’re here, there’s probably something else you should be doing right? I know there are about 5 other articles I need to be writing, but instead I’m going to write this post about procrastination. I call myself the master of procrastination, and want to share the basics of developing this title for yourself.

Many people like to procrastinate via websites such as:

Comment with websites you procrastinate at! I would love to add them to my Bookmarks! 

If you’ve gotten through all of that, and are still in need of some mindless work deterrents your cup is probably empty. Have you tried Deathwish coffee? It’s phenomenal!

Also since Facebook games are so 2000’s (we know your Farmville Farm is dead) phone games are what’s up.

What are your current phone games? We switch out pretty often, and they pass the time when we are avoiding work.

Finally, if you haven’t started using YouTube for educational material then you’re behind the times! By procrastinating this way, you can write it off as ‘learning’ instead of time wasting. Some of our favorite channels:

If you have any favorite YouTube channels leave them in the comments!

We are always down for more ways to procrastinate so let us know, what works best for you?

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