Find your Reason to Switch

The most important part of deciding how to switch to whole bean coffee, is to find your personal reason for why you want to switch. There are a nearly an infinite number of reasons to switch to whole bean coffee, but I’m going to lay out what I think are the top three reasons people switch. The first reason was my personal reason for switching, but it developed into reason three.

Taste Improvement

It’s no secret freshly ground coffee tastes so much better than pre-ground coffee. If you try the same bean side by side, sampling the pre-ground vs a fresh ground batch, it’s an unmistakable difference. In some cases, it’s such a drastic difference that you can’t tell they are the same bean.

Once you switch to whole bean coffee, you’ll open up a whole world of medium roast and light roast coffee that’s not available in pre-ground format. Read our blog post about VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE to learn more about the types of roast.

While taste may be a major factor, perhaps it’s not your main. Maybe you’re tired of spending $3-5 per day on your cup of coffee, and want to get better quality while saving money.

Save Money

We all want to save money. There’s never enough to go around, and anywhere we can cut expenses while not sacrificing our quality of life is a win! This is where brewing your own perfect cup of coffee at home and saving $40-80 per month comes in. To see how much, you could be saving per cup of coffee, read our blog post SAVE MONEY.

Saving money was not the main reason I switched to whole bean, but the savings in money allowed me to spend that money on cool new gadgets to find that illusive perfect cup of coffee. So, the act of saving money helped feed main purpose of taste improvement. But don’t get me wrong. I love saving my money.

This act of saving money to try new coffee gadgets lead to my personal reason for sticking to whole bean coffee.

Hobby to Share

Coffee has become this amazing hobby and passion that I can share with my friends and family. The best part is how easy it is to get started. With a minimal investment and a little time anyone can start making a fantastic cup of coffee that they’ll want to share with their friends and family.

Sharing my passion for coffee is a process that keeps giving. I teach one person and then in turn they teach another, and another. Soon there’s a whole community built up around coffee. And now I get to share my passion with thousands of people via posts like these.

Find your personal reason, and follow it. Who knows where it will take you. You don’t have to become some coffee guru who spreads the good word, but maybe you’ll find that sharing coffee brings you as much joy as trying to make the perfect cup. Enjoy the process and most of all, enjoy the coffee.

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