Vocabulary is much more fun now that we’re adults right? I love discovering fun words in the reading / book community. There are so many lists out there, these are some of my favorites. Comment with yours!

1. Abibliophobia (a-‎ biblio-phobia)

n. The fear of running out of reading material.

2. Bibliobibuli (bib- li- oh- bi- boo- li)

n. Those people who read too much.

3. Bibliognost  (BIB- lee- uh- nost)

n. One that has comprehensive knowledge of books.

4. Bibliophagist (bib- lio- phag- ist)

n. A devourer of books / a voracious reader.

5. Librocubicularist (lib-ro-kyoo-bi-kyoo-lar-ist)

n. Someone who reads in bed.

6. Readultery (ree- dal- ta- ri)

n. The act of being unfaithful to one book by reading another simultaneously.

7. Smellbound (smel- bound)

adj. captivated by the scent of books.

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