Over the past few years Valentines day has been morphing from a greeting card invented holiday about romance, to celebrating the platonic love. Life moves fast, and it’s easy to forget to tell those most important that they are loved. The day of red hearts and mushy stuff doesn’t have to be that way! Get the book, coffee and tea lovers a little something to bring a smile to their face. Even if that’s just yourself, don’t forget to shower yourself with gifts! (click photos for link)

These adorable cup surprises make for the perfect cups!

Handing a friend a cup of tea, and watching their face as the figure in the bottom emerges would be too cute!


For the thrifty book buyer in us all! A feeble attempt to keep our book habit to a minimum!

The smell of old books has to be one of the best scents, second to coffee of course!


This clutch is super adorable, spoiler alert, it has the cupboard address on the other side! 

A squeal worthy cat person must have! Tea has to taste purrrfect coming from this adorable cup!


The perfect go to give for anyone that has anything. They even have a second  book in the series!



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