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All of the books listed below are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited at the time of this post. KU is subscription based on Amazon for Kindle books. It is a great way for a voracious reader to get their book fill without breaking the bank. If you have never used it before, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial! We recommend that you check it out!

A virus has infected billions all over the world, turning its victims into vicious zombies. The UK and Ireland have remained uninfected…until now.
Lucy Blair is an American doctor stationed at a field hospital outside the quarantined city of Leeds. Each day she hears more rumours circulating about the virus spreading. Each day she plays her part in the vast mechanism that has been constructed by the British government to safeguard the population.
But today, the rumours stopped. Today, the rumours became reality. Now she is in a new kind of Hell as she fights her way through a dangerous city to find a last ray of hope and that one last chance for survival.

Within beauty, lies darkness.
With the noble race of dragons bound to the evil Eldar, the magical world of Teralia struggles under the boot of their tyranny. Jesaela, a young faerie, is chosen to enter the shining Citadel to serve as prized companion to a girl she’s never met: Lyssa, the Eldar princess. She doesn’t want to leave her forest home, but defiance will bring the king’s dragons to turn her home to cinders. Given no choice, Jes goes to the magical Citadel; a glittering jewel from a distance, a den of darkness up close. Can she find the spell to free the dragons from the Eldar? Or will the darkness spread to consume the world? Companion of Darkness is book one of a new series set in the Neverwar universe. Suitable for young adults of all ages.

Aether Walkers plague the city!
Kandice sees the creatures throughout her city, but no one else seems to care.

She watched as an Aether Walker killed her mother. Now regret fuels her need for vengeance. Forced to live with her aunt – Kandice must hide her nightly hunts. How could she explain the need to kill these creatures when they appear human to everyone else?

Kandice struggles to attend school by day, and hunt by night. She meets a fellow hunter and discovers just how little she knows. Now she’s confronted with a choice – to trust him or not. Vengeance isn’t possible alone.

Can she manage to pull off her double life – avenge her mother, and keep her 4.0 GPA? The weight is crushing her, and something is about to break.

Discovery of Light is a lightning-paced urban fantasy – gripping adventure – with a strong heroine, a mysterious hero, and unique magic.

Although the Lords of Creation survived the awesome onslaught of the world-killing space vampires, there is nowhere in the lifeless galaxy that they can hope to hide their planets and people forever. How can they hope to destroy what is already dead?
The vampiric necroforms are a massive empire of anti-life, terrible beyond all imagining, ruling a vast network of dead stars and planets they have drained of all life. Aeneas, the Emperor of Man, realizes that if the human race is going to survive, he is going to have to find a way to re-seed the entire galaxy with life while burning down the interstellar undead empire with the precious light it cannot bear. And not only does Aeneas have to do the impossible, he is going to have to do it while keeping a wary eye out for the ruthless betrayer at his back.
SUPERLUMINARY is the latest and most brilliant creation of science fiction grandmaster John C. Wright, the Dragon-award winning author of THE UNWITHERING REALM, THE GOLDEN AGE, MOTH & COBWEB, and AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND. THE WORLD ARMADA is the third and final book in the trilogy.

Hexborn. Abomination. Unclean. Young Shiloh knows exactly what she is. She just refuses to let that stop her. Her illness might make her an outcast, but her broken body hides great magical power. And she intends to make the most of it.
Silas, the king’s ruthless fixer, seeks to use that power to preserve the uneasy peace the kingdom has enjoyed since the end of the Siblings’ War. Silas hauls Shiloh from her mountain village to the wizard academy at the king’s court, where magic and political intrigue conspire to create danger around every corner.
Can this child of war save the peace? Or will old sins rise to threaten Shiloh, Silas, and the kingdom of Bryn?

If you knew the truth, would you live in shackles or die for freedom?

High above the ruins of Seattle sits the Nest, a settlement filled with the aristocratic Crow class, governed by the iron fist of Lord Corvus. For decades, Rayna and her fellow Hydrans have crawled the bottom of Lake Union for scrap metal which they trade with the Crows until a mysterious boy shows up and shares a disturbing, dark secret with Rayna—one that could bring the factions to the brink of war. Will Rayna fight for the truth even if it costs her everything? Is she fated to spark the Rebellion?

Rebellion is the new dystopian thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world from bestselling authors, J. Thorn, Zach Bohannon, and Kim Petersen, the first book in the Stone the Crows trilogy.

The Order, a mysterious and powerful organization, has infiltrated the U.S. government at the highest levels, bent on remaking humanity in its image. Deep in their underground genetics facility, they’ve created a new race of enhanced humans, among other deadly creations in their arsenal.
As an infant, Erica escaped the facility, but will she ever be able to escape her fate? In hiding for over 15 years, she’s been hunted. Her only wish, to live free and in peace.
Now the world has changed. A viral outbreak manufactured by The Order, human apex predators roam freely, humanity has bound together in pockets of resistance. The children of The Order have turned on their masters in a race for supremacy; spread out across the country, systematically taking over key military installations.
Though not entirely human, Erica may hold the key to humanity’s survival. Will she run, as she always has? Will she stand, one against many and risk losing all she holds dear – Her freedom, her family, her very existence?
Into Armageddon is the beginning of a dystopian post apocalyptic world that includes elements of Military Fiction, Science Fiction, hard science and genetic engineering, but reads like an action/ adventure and romance all wrapped up into one pulse pounding novel that you won’t want to put down. It’s the first book in the Ruler of Ashes series.

Across the Dragonclaw Islands a foul wind blows. The old mage Agrippa is losing control of the sea dragons that serve and protect the islanders from the sea serpents that roam the deeps. Agrippa’s apprentice Cyrus hides a dark ambition and even blacker magic to raise the serpents and tear the Dragon Sea Isles apart, plunging the clans into war.
When all hope seems lost, a young slave named Darek exhibits a rare power: to control the dragons. He dreams of being reunited with his sister Meira; instead, his fate is to be sacrificed to Kraton, the sacred volcano as a test—to become the Mage reborn.
Using wizardly talents he didn’t know he possessed, he stumbles upon a strange cavern with a single petrified dragon egg which he wakens, winning the loyalty of a hatchling dragon born in the fires under the sea.
Is Darek the last hope for the freedom of the Dragonclaw Islands? Ride with him on the scaly back of a silver-eyed dragon, fighting serpents and forbidding magic as two mages struggle for control of the dragons, in the hopes of building a better world.

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