• Tuesday’s Dish: 1.16.18
    Tuesday’s Dish: 1.16.18

      I’m currently reading The Retreat by Kelly St. Clare, this series is looking to be an adventure! So far I love it! I’m only about half way through and this book has made my mouth water for chocolate cake! I had to find a recipe that involved coffee of course! Give it a read…

  • Shopping for Snow-mageddon 2018
    Shopping for Snow-mageddon 2018

    If you live in Texas then you are aware that by Wednesday the state of Texas will no longer be on the map. For those of you in the Northern states, you are probably laughing at the freak out that is currently happening. What are your go to items for a snow storm? Books, Coffee…

  • Shopping for the New Year!
    Shopping for the New Year!

    Happy New Year! The New Year always gives us a moment to reflect and readdress! Here are a few great items that will help reduce stress and get organized! The Simple Elephant Planner This planner is more of a personal goal tracker. It has many spots within it to track your progress on what you…