Happy New Year!

The New Year always gives us a moment to reflect and readdress! Here are a few great items that will help reduce stress and get organized!

The Simple Elephant Planner

This planner is more of a personal goal tracker. It has many spots within it to track your progress on what you are trying to accomplish. It has some amazing reviews and is a great price! (click photo)

Minimalism Art Dotted Journal

Bullet Journalling is a hot new trend that is worth the hype. The concept gives freedom to create a weekly planner, plus the ability to track, note take and more within the pages. This journal is a great price to get started. (click photo)

Zen Garden

If 2017 brought on many days of Writers Block, give a desktop distraction a try. Clear the mind and the block by zoning out for a timed period with a Zen Garden. (Click Photo)

Mug Warmer

The most annoying part of getting into a rhythm while working is having to break concentration to reheat coffee, or refill the mug. Getting a Mug Warmer, and a french press can solve both problems. Bring the coffee to the desk, and keep it warm while working.  (Click Photo)

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