If you live in Texas then you are aware that by Wednesday the state of Texas will no longer be on the map. For those of you in the Northern states, you are probably laughing at the freak out that is currently happening. What are your go to items for a snow storm? Books, Coffee & Tea right? Here are a few of my favorite items that I will be stocking up on before we are “snowed in”. Stay warm Texas!


The 11-14oz mug needs to die. Whoever invented this mug, and the people that continue to sell it are obviously not coffee drinkers. It’s a mug for the weak! Our house has switched over to drinking out of these 32oz Stainless Steel travel mugs at all times, even when we are just hanging out at the house. They keep a drink warm for hours, and require less refills! There are so many brands on the market now there is no reason to pay an outrageous price for a great quality one so shop around! One thing to keep in mind is will it fit in the cup holder! The first one I had didn’t find in our car cup holders and it was a huge annoyance.





Stock up on cozy drink necessities!


Don’t forget to bundle up! Save your sky high electric bill for the summer!



And of course, load up your Kindle!

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