Meet Sabetha Danes!

Sabetha Danes is an eccentric introvert located in Central Texas, in a Stars Hollow-esque small town. Her default language is sarcasm, and is fueled by coffee. As a life long bibliophile, she reads all genres but specializes in fantasy and cozy mysteries.

Her degree in interpersonal communication helps her over-analyze characters that are only found in stories. She spends her days with her daughter and dude walking trails and drinking coffee. Did we mention she’s enjoys a great cup of coffee?

Where To Read My Works:

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Featuring these stories by Sabetha Danes:

  • A Haunted Necromancer
  • Marsupial Misery
  • Plastic Paradise
  • Cyberroach
  • Let Sleeping Gods Lie
  • Row Row Row Your Boat
  • Read It For Free

I also write under the pen name Verena DeLuca!

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