What’s the deal with Cold Brew?

You’ve probably noticed the hype building around the new kid on the block, Cold Brew Coffee. She’s not new, and not the same as your average hot brew coffee poured over ice. There is an instant taste difference when sipping true cold brew, and it’s worth the effort to make it. Coffee goes from bitter to sweet with just a change of brew temperature and time. This article gets now in the gritty grounds of why the taste is so different between the two brews.

The 2 Steps to Cold Brew Coffee

  1. Pick the right brewing container for your coffee. We’ve used multiple methods from putting the coffee grinds right into the container and pouring over a strainer once brewed to putting the grinds in a tea bag so they are easily removed later. This gallon size glass jar with removable strainer is the best investment if you are going to be drinking it regularly. We transfer the coffee out of this jar when it is finished brewing so we can start another batch. But we drink about a gallon a day.
  2. Find your perfect recipe. Cold brew will change depending on the amount of grounds you use, the temperature you brew at, and the length of time you brew for.

Our Basic Recipe

  1. Grind 12 TBSP Whole Beans—we grind 6 TBSP at a time.
    • We buy whole beans at our local grocery store, for the best coffee hot or cold you want beans that are as fresh as possible.
  2. Fill a 1 Gallon glass container with room temperature filtered water.
    • We fill the jar all the way up so the grounds are almost touching the lid. It is important to keep the grounds moving as the water is being poured on them.
  3. Let the container sit at room temperature for 12 – 48 hours.
    • We shoot for 24 hours with each batch but it really depends on when we need it. The strength of the coffee comes with the length that you let it sit.
  4. Transfer to a pitcher and refrigerate.
  5. Enjoy!

We love it black, but often add a little vanilla almond milk. Cold brew doesn’t need the same fixing that your favorite hot coffee might require.


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