New Release: Rainbow Mocha

Rainbow Mocha
Series: Hill Country Mysteries, Book 3

Book Synopsis:


Snark levels have never been higher as the town falls victim to a rouge artist, determined to use Aconite Cafe’s wall as a canvas.

Hailey is not alone in her struggle to stop the town tagger. Every day a new business is targeted.

With the help of Azure, she plans to unmask the town tagger and bring him to justice. Because the town sheriff can’t get involved. Tourists are starting to notice the graffiti.

How will Hailey and Azure can the town tagger?

Read Rainbow Mocha today to find out!

Rainbow Mocha is the third book in the Hill Country Mysteries series set in the heart of Texas.
Each book is a clean, full-length, snarky, cozy mystery, that doesn’t always involve a death.

Jess' Review:


Such an absolutely adorable book! Less snark in this book, but that’s alright. It shows the growing fondness between Hailey and Azure that I assume is what Azure and Tona had. We get background in the Texas Bluebonnet Festival. We also get to see Hailey relax more into her role as owner/operator of the Café. And as Hailey goes about trying to solve the latest mystery, we are introduced to more of her hometown. Between the flowers, the art and the animals and things around town, it makes for a beautiful background to a pretty good mystery. One I almost feel bad they solved. Almost 😉 Can’t wait for the next one. Seems we’ll get to see Azure parade around a bit for the Cat Show! 

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