Purrfect Roast
Series: Hill Country Mysteries, Book 4

Book Synopsis:


Trapped in a hotel with the coffee running out, Hailey is forced to contented with hundreds of cat show competitors because Azure wants to win gold.

On the last day of the show when the trophies are to be handed out, it is uncovered that the trophies have been stolen.

While everyone else sits around waiting for the two detectives to interview the entire hotel,

Hailey and the girls take it upon themselves to solve the case.

Can Hailey and Azure work together to save the cat show?

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Purrfect Roast is the fourth book in the Hill Country Mysteries series set in the heart of Texas.
Each book is a clean, full-length, snarky, cozy mystery, that doesn’t always involve a death.

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Jess’ Review:


Another seriously cute and snarky book in the series. I love how it’s confined to one day/one spot. The story flowed well even without having a whole range of places to go. We get to see a different side of Haley this book. She’s more anxious in this book. She’s feeling the stress of taking over for Tona and I think it’s cool to see her having doubts and trying to work through them. I love the snark of Azure. I liked seeing more of Skylar in this book as well. Her coming out of her shell and becoming more of the “girls” aside from just being in the same protector clan as Haley.

There was a spot in the book when Azure was downright rude to Haley (he apologized later) and I was a little taken aback. It was surprising to see his ruffled “feathers” until you realize he is also suffering over losing Tona too. It was actually kinda good to see he could be ruffled as aside from his normal sassiness, he is usually very calm and adult like lol. Very zen. Can’t wait to see what happens to everyone in the next book.

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