Here we meat again in an attempt to cure the Monday blues with a shopping list and prolong your procrastination. 

But lettuce not delay in getting to the list of all the things you didn’t know you needed in your life. 

Say what?!? Oh for fox sake . . . this post might be hard to bear.

We’ll weather it together, because you’re my butter half! Plus,

I promise, if you just romaine calm this post will be over soon! 

I know, I know but . . .

I know it’s corny, but come on. You’ve got to admit

Don’t kale me with your death stare! I swear

You might be feeling melon-choly now but in just 4 short days we’ll be saying

This post has been pandamonium. I hope you found it amoosing! 

Have a wonderful Monday!

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