Must Have Items for a Writer

If you ask a group of writers what their must have items are, they will all provide you with a different strange list. The number one item that will cross over list to list will probably be silence, as most writers can’t get the magic flowing without a nice quiet space to call their own. This list is some great ways for a writer to spruce up their office, and help motivate them to write more.

Motivational “You Should be Writing Art”

Writing caves don’t need to be decorated with writing themed decor as a rule. The space should be comfortable and inspiring for you personally. I love having one focal poster that inspires me to write a few more paragraphs, it can be a great motivator when I am having an off day.



Notebook and Pen that you Love

Physically writing thoughts down helps with memory. I personally love Bullet Journaling, it has doubled my productivity since I started actively maintaining one. Using a journal to start your plotting and character development will be a great quick reference tool if you are writing a series. It is also nostalgic to look back in future years to see how far your writing has developed.




A Drink Station

I know this seems like a silly request, but if you don’t have an area in your writing room dedicated to drink and snacks I urge you to give it a try. One of the biggest excuses when you push away from your computer is because you have a need that isn’t being met. You need to refill your coffee, or want a quick bite to eat. If you have everything right at hand then it eliminates a trip into the world of distractions. (Spouse, Kids, Animals, Phone, Etc.) We keep a 5 gallon jug to refill the kettle so there isn’t a need for running water in the room.

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Writers Block Busters

There is a point for all writers (or I guess almost all LOL) where you hit a block and can’t feel the next great story, or the next chapter in your current story. Stepping away from the pages and entertaining your mind or body elsewhere can often help the words flow. From taking a relaxing bath, to doing story exercises, find what works to get your block busted.

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Reference Books

I love having physical copies of reference books! I know you can get almost all of them now in the Kindle or digital version, but there is something great about highlighting and marking up these type of books. When I’m in a rut I can easily grab one for a quick reference or a full read to help get me back on track. There are a ton of these to choose from, but these for are some of our recent reads.



Any must have items for you that we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments!







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