Happy Monday! 

How did your intent for last week pan out?

What did you set your intent for this week as?

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It can be easy to fall into the pit of jealous when you see someone further along than you are, especially when they are traveling on a path similar to yours. (indie publishing for example)

Don’t let someone else’s journey discourage the strides you are personally making. Use their success as encouragement to hit your own goals.

You are fully capable of experiencing your own success, the knowledge, and will power are there for the taking. Wasting time harping on yourself over someones success only slows your own journey down. 

  • Find a support group to help keep you motivated, and discussing topics related to achieving success in your area. 
  • Reach out to people ahead of you and ask them specific questions to help you on your own path. 
  • Create actionable goals. Keep them small, and achievable, so even on days you are at your lowest, you can still feel the win of hitting a goal.

Don’t stop tending your garden. Worrying about the garden across the way does nothing to further your own. You are only in competition with yourself.

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I hope this week is good to you all!

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