Happy Monday! 

How did your intent for last week pan out?

What did you set your intent for this week as?

Behind This Weeks Image:

Where do you spend your time? Are you passionate about it? Your job, home life, hobbies and free time? If you answered no to any of those, take the plunge and change it. 

You are in control of the life you lead. If you read that and thought of a million reasons why you aren’t, write those thoughts down. Come up with actionable steps to change them. 

Know, it won’t happen over night. But starting right now, makes you one day closer to a better life. There will be scarifies, bad days, and thoughts of giving up. But it will be worth it.

Start a journal, make a plan and strive to build a life you’re passionate about.

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I hope this week is good to you all!

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