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When you think about the statement, “Not Everything is About You” it can be broken down in various ways. Depending on the mountains you’re personally climbing will often dictate how you define it.

This week I’m going to share articles on a few different interpretations, as it can be easy to get trapped in a self-focused cycle, but hard to break free.

When you suffer from depression and anxiety, the statement can often resonate because you might often find yourself fighting off the thought, “people are referring to me.”

Like when someone doesn’t reply to a text. Or when a group of people are huddled and glance at you. Or when someone in your house is standoffish. It is easy to misinterpret these moments as somehow your fault.

When in fact, they could be busy, or having a hard day. It literally has nothing to do with you. It’s all self-induced anxiety based upon assumptions from a small amount of info and a whole lot of self-doubt.

A second reason for “Not Everything is About You,” can be when someone is completely self-centered, and acts as if the world revolves around them. Or more common, is to act with disregard to other’s experiences. If they haven’t experienced a given issue, then it isn’t a real, life problem.

These self-centered traits can be the product of so many various issues. Yet it is broadcasted loud and clear when a person stuck in this loop, and is always turning the topic to be about them, and/or constantly plays victim. Often these people will refuse to acknowledge the validity of other’s views, or empathize with events in the world, because they never experienced it for themselves.

These are my two thoughts on the statement, “Not Everything is About You.” I would love to hear your take.

What comes to mind when you hear, “Not Everything is About You.”

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