May your Coffee be Strong, and your Mug Fun!

If you have to face Monday, at least do it with a mug that brings a smile to your face. Do you have a go to mug that you use? Mine says “I’d love to stay and chat but I’m lying” and it’s 32oz! (which is the best part!) It is harder than expected for find decent size mugs, I hate having to refill all the time! I have so many great mugs but at 11 – 14 oz they just aren’t practical for everyday use.


1. While this one is only 11oz, I am in love with changing the common phrase “book worm” over to “book dragon”! (Click Image)

2. This Wonder Woman mug is 24oz! You usually can find better mugs, if you search the term “soup mug”! (Click  Image)

3. I love this 20oz. Harry Potter themed mug! Perfect addition to any desk! (Click Image)

4. Coffee really will never unfriend you. <3 (Click Image)

5. Pretty much a must have for any literature fanatic. (Click Image)


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