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5/5 Stars, A Must Read!

I know, I know. I am late to the party on these books but they are much more than I expected them to be. When I first purchased A Discovery of Witches it went into my To Be Read pile and sat for a while. I am not one to read book blurbs, I usually pick books based on Cover / Title & word of mouth. I don’t like to read reviews and blurbs because I want to have a clean slate going into a book with no ones idea of what it is about in my head.

The trilogy follows Diana, a witch in denial, on a journey of discovering herself and how she fits into the supernatural world she lives in.

These books are amazingly written and well researched. I love reading books where you can feel the work that went into make sure all of the “real life”facts are accurate and these deliver just that. Even though this is a story of fiction the science and emotion that the writer puts into it, sucked me in to the world. It read like real life, and as if it could be the world we live in.

Deborah does an amazing job at introducing her world to us in the first book. She creates an extensive super natural world and has a great depiction of all of the “creatures”. I love that her characters are real life, for me books that use typical Vampire must haves such as sparkling, or avoiding garlic are hardly believable. The second book doesn’t have that second book syndrome of info dumping or lagging, but instead dives deeper into the main characters and sets up the third and final book perfectly. The story wraps in a completely unexpected way, but still leaves room for her to continue the world and write more books in the future.

I don’t want to give too much away plot wise so I’m not going to do an entire over view of the books but I will tell you that if you like to read supernatural fiction these books are worth the read!

I would love to know if you’ve read them and your thoughts in the comments! No Spoilers please 🙂




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