What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited (KU) is a subscription based reading program created by Amazon.

Users pay a monthly (or yearly) fee to read books within the program for free. While the user does not own the books, they are able to checkout 10 at a time.

Do you need a Kindle to subscribe?

You don’t have to own a Kindle device to use Kindle Unlimited!

Amazon lets you download the Kindle app to your phone or laptop. While I love my Kindle, this is a huge perk because you can read right on the device you already own. 

What type of books are in KU?

This varies based on what books & genres you enjoy.

While there are thousands of titles in KU, many of them won’t be by household names. This is because traditional publishing houses don’t usually put their books in the program. From time to time there will be titles to take advantage of, like the Harry Potter series.

The best advice is to step out of the comfort zone of household names and try an author that is in the top 100 list for a favorite genre.

When signing up for KU, there will most likely be a trial period to test the waters. Check out as many books as possible during this time, to see how favorite genres are stacked. 

This program was made for prolific readers. Being able to read 10+ books a month for under $10 can be life changing for a reader. 

KU isn’t limited to just books, the program also offers magazines and audiobooks.

Discounts and Sales

First time user of Kindle Unlimited users can almost always get trial time to see if the program is right for them. On average Amazon will give a 30 day free trial.

During Prime Day & Black Friday Sales they have been known to offer 50% off sales. These sales are good for gifts, existing customers, and new customers. I love to pick up a 6 month deal during this time, then apply it to my current KU subscription. (Just fill out the gift fields to yourself then go into your account and enter the gift code, or click through the link when it comes in your email.)

Currently, Amazon is offering 2 months free to new subscribers through April 30, 2020.

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