New Release: Hill Country Mysteries, Books 1 – 3

Hill Country Mysteries
Books 1 – 3

Book Synopsis:


Hailey Morton’s aunt has just died, leaving her the sole owner of Aconite Cafe, and a new cat owner.

One problem though. Azure is actually a cat-dragon.

If discovering dragons were real wasn’t enough, Azure is convinced Hailey’s aunt was actually murdered.

The town’s sheriff and his deputy are oblivious. Which means it falls to her to solve the mystery.

All while running the cafe.

Will Hailey bring her aunt’s murderer to justice?

Can she learn to run Aconite Cafe?

Does she have what it takes to be a Dragon Protector?

The Hill Country Mysteries series set in the heart of Texas.
Each book is a clean, full-length, snarky, cozy mystery, that doesn’t always involve a death.

Jess' Review:


Absolutely fantastic stories! I really can’t wait to read book 4. I read these when they were published initially and slightly shorter and loved them. Reading them now, I remember all the emotions from before with some added ones now with more story. I love how they are more filled out, giving more information about the relationships between characters, and even background of the world they are in. I love how snarky Azure is and I adore the relationship between Jess, Aubrey and Hailey. Almost like sisters. They really have each others backs. Another great thing about Hailey in particular is the fact that she is smart, sassy and completely independent. She knows when to ask for help and isn’t above it, but she is a woman who knows what she wants and does what she needs to do to get there. Fantastic read for anyone looking for deep friendships, snark, mystery and humor. 

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