The Cursed Girl

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The Cursed Girl
by Maria Vermisoglou
Genres: YA, Sword & Sorcery, Epic Fantasy


Sixteen-year-old Eva is a witch who lived in Spain, in the year 1230. She met a boy named Jonathan who would become her whole world. Everything was normal until she was faced with challenges that will change her life forever. 

As a healer, her job is to help people, but there are forces that will try to prevent that. There is a war coming and Eva and her friends must do everything they can to survive. 

Can they fight their way against the dark forces that are surrounding them? Her wits and inner strength helped everyone who encircled her to survive but will she be able to survive herself?

Supernatural creatures, royal backstabbing and many more await you in this thrilling novel that will take your breath away.

Cafe Buzz:
“This book was fantastic and I couldn’t have asked for more. It is the kind of story that draws you in and won’t let you leave. The author’s portrayal of the world will leave you entranced, and the character development within the story is phenomenal. Highly recommended read, you won’t be disappointed!” ─   Kyle Bagsby ★★★★★

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