Mages of avios by adam sea klein

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Mages of Avios 1. Spear of Humanity
by Adam Sea Klein
Genres: Fantasy, Coming of Age, Novella
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A supreme mage rises to face brutal encounters in a massive, incredible world 

When the new phase of energy dawns, the deep fate of Avios pulls a young man into a voyage of unspeakable challenge. Elias finds the greatest teacher imaginable and plows through an apprenticeship of unparalleled quality. He demands to understand the magic riveting through the history Avios as he learns to drive purpose through power. As the army of the First Wave threatens to pour from the northern wastelands, Elias must reach into the void and attempt to find a superior strength.

Cafe Buzz:
“This is a great intro to what will become a full novel! This is a fascinating book with a variety of Characters who search for their power to use the force they will soon need! Magical, in depth story that keeps the imagination on edge! Highly recommended!” ─  Amazon Customer ★★★★★

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