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Plagueborne Boxset
by Mitchell Lüthi
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication date: 1/03/2019
Genres: Fantasy, Gaslamp Fantasy
Page Count: 338 Pages


PLAGUEBORNE contains the first two books in the epic Plagueborne Trilogy, and The Black Hussars novella.

The old gods are dead… But are the new ones any better?
In the aftermath of a revolution that nearly tore the continent apart, a devastating plague threatens to consume all that remains.

As cities fall to ruin, and talk of witchcraft and fell beasts spread, a zealous religious order emerges… But can they be trusted?

PLAGUEBORNE offers the first two novels in a trilogy of gripping high-fantasy novels. The debut possesses all the beloved hallmarks fans of the genre will recognise, but is distinguished by its gritty atmosphere and confrontation with some of the most unsettling chapters of human history.


Yaro Anatoly commands the most feared regiment on the continent. His loyalty to the king has seen him wage war in the savage wilderness of Vorgar, the lawless free cities, and in Akasha, the domain of the southern princes.

But when the death of a saint triggers a revolution at home, Yaro finds his own loyalties divided. Can he really serve a king who hates his own people? And who are these new gods?

The Black Hussars is a stand-alone novella, set in the days prior to the events that unfold in the Plagueborne Trilogy.

Cafe Buzz:
“This boxset contains the first two books of the Plagueborne Trilogy. Lady Katarina Lorenz is a warrior who was returning to her home city of Rothenberg. The land is being consumed by a plague. She hopes to go out on her own mission to try to figure out what is behind some disturbing news outside the city. The head of the council denies her, but she decides to go off on her own. The first town she comes across is in turmoil. They are in the throes of witch hysteria, which is being fueled by a member of an outcast religious group. What else will Katerina find? Can she help turn the town away from the hysteria? Did the woman accused of being a witch have anything to do with the plague, as she was accused?

Book two goes more in-depth into this world, showing that greater forces are in play than Katerina first imagines.

The books in this, The Ritual and The Zealot, are well-written. The author draws us into the story with the very unusual character of Lady Katarina Lorenz, as she seeks knowledge about what is going on in her region. She is at times thwarted and threatened. The books were was written in heightened language that was still accessible.” ─  Jamie BJ ★★★★★

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