Fantasy Spotlight: Of Far Away Lands

Of Far Away Lands

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Of Far Away Lands: 3 Short Stories
by Merlot Et Mots
Genres: Fantasy


How exactly does one become Queen of the Fairies? Follow Lilly Ann as a human enters the world of Fairy Land and demands her queen hood.

Champion of the King
Exiled from the city, Dynnd the Dragon can never stop protecting the kingdom he loves. When an old friend pops up in need of help on his shore, will his dedication to them replace the commitment to his King?

Come Home
Her father vanished mysteriously before she was born. But who keeps sending her pictures copies of Alice in Wonderland and why are the images always different?

Did you enjoy all three stories? Help us continue the adventure with an exciting new take on adventure novels where the readers vote on what the writer’s write!

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