Fantasy Spotlight: Mother of Darkness by Kyra Quinn

Fantasy Spotlight: Mother of Darkness by Kyra Quinn


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Mother of Darkness
by Kyra Quinn
Publication date: 4/26/19
Genres: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy


Living on the streets and forced to steal for survival, runaway Daeva Trevil thinks her life can’t get any worse. That is, until she’s dragged to Shadow City and forced to wed the god of chaos. She rules by Zanox’s side as Queen for years in hopes of finding a way back to Astryae, but her hopes of escape remain as elusive as the shadows around her. 

When Zanox’s demons capture an injured Archangel, everything changes. Secrets are revealed that leave her unsure who to trust. When Daeva makes a dangerous decision, she finds herself harboring a deadly secret of her own. Can she accomplish one final act of good before her humanity slips away forever? 

Grab the prequel for the Renegade Guardians epic fantasy series and join the dark, dangerous world of Astryae today! 

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