Long Paradise by James Murdo

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Long Paradise
by James Murdo
Publication date: 7/9/19
Genres: Space Opera


A novel from the Wanderer Universe.

An ancient mystery has returned.

Everyone wants to survive. Everyone wants answers.
The Outer Layer is an enigma to its residents. Representatives from countless races and civilisations wander the many territories, hoping to unlock the secrets and progress further into its depths.
An anomaly has been detected in space by an artefact from an extinct civilisation. Ciqalo, a machine intelligence from the Wanderer civilisation, is tasked with leading the investigation in the hope of weaponizing it for a galactic war.

Beatrict and Gerstial are leaders of the Alexis-Meld – a prominent Roranian collective. They control their commercial interests from the idyllic homeworld of Lillea, and expect rule of the meld to be passed to their heirs, Beatrict II, Gerstial II and Philsima. Unfortunately for them, life is never so simple. Tolren, playmate of Gerstial II, becomes a hunted fugitive, and finds himself thrust into an adventure aboard a structure in space that defies all understanding, alongside Seremend, a fellow Roranian. While the relationship between them intensifies, they race to comprehend the complexities of their new home and why they have been chosen. What is the purpose of it all?

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