Clara by Suzanna J Linton

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by Suzanna J. Linton
Genres: Sword & Sorcery, Epic Fantasy


Join an amazing adventure about love, loss, and the fate of kingdoms.

As a slave, Clara’s life extends no further than the castle kitchens and their garden. However, she carries within herself a precious gift: the ability to see the future. 

When a vision prompts her to prevent a murder, Clara is shoved not only into the intrigues of the nobility but also into a civil war. As events unfold, she begins to unearth chilling secrets about the war and her supposed friends. 

Driven to learn the truth, Clara embarks on a journey that takes her from her beloved mountains to the very Capital itself, Bertrand. There, she is confronted by an evil as old as the mountains–and it’s using her anger and prejudices against her. If she is not careful, not only will the entire nation be lost, but Clara’s own soul as well.

Cafe Buzz:
“I have never been one who gravitates towards Medieval fantasy novels, but this book has changed my feelings towards this genre. The author so richly describes the locations and scenery that the reader can completely immerse themselves in this world of fantasy and magic. The descriptions make this magical realm seem like it could truly exist.

I was so impressed with Clara. Her character, even in the absence of a voice, had the largest impact on those around her. There is much to be learned from her. How much more could we all accomplish if we remained quiet and observed more? We may even develop some of our own exceptional abilities. She exhibits both the strength and fearlessness of a warrior and the vulnerability and innocence of a child. . .”

─  Kristen Nichols ★★★★★

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