Above the storm by jmd reid

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Above the Storm
by JMD Reid
Genres: Sword & Sorcery, Dark Fantasy


Death rides in the Cyclones!

The demonic Stormriders are the greatest threat…

…to the people whose lives they’ve ruined. Do the riders have a weakness?

Ary knows their danger first-hand. As a child, they broke his family. Now he has a choice to make. Can he find a way to defeat them when so many before him have failed?

When the storm clouds come, what will Ary do?

You’ll be enthralled by this epic fantasy story set in the skies above the Storm because the characters will keep you hooked.

Cafe Buzz:
“As a fan of James Reid’s work, I was pleased to read the first installment of his long-anticipated Above the Storm series. The world-building is unforgettable, with a floating world above an endless storm, a corrupt church, and races of Humans and other creatures with their own histories. The writer did a great job of creating a unique universe into which we could explore the story of Ary, Chaylene, Vel, and other characters.”

─  Martin Septim, Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

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