Fantasy Book Sale: Discover the Chronicles of the Seventh Realm

An orphaned boy, uncontrollable magic,
and a quest to save a nation’s honor.

In a nation that shuns magic, a young man unleashes his new abilities against his school bully. He’s forced to slip out of the country when others find out.

Now he must find a master to teach him how to control the magic, before it destroys those around him. Only problem is, he will have to compete against every armature sorcerer in the world to join the only magical university.

Will he find help along the way and gain admittance to the university, or will be forever outcast from his home with no hope of redemption?

Ren survived life at an orphanage, but the world taught him some hash lessons.

His aspiration to become a sorcerer looked brighter, until he found himself in a crate. With his magic unreliable, Ren must learn to rely on others.

But, in a world of thieves and cutthroats, how will he see the truth behind their masks?

Will Ren learn to master his mind, control his magic, and follow his destiny?

Or will his naivety doom him and the world?

Ren has a knack for ending up imprisoned.

Not what he envisioned when he embarked on his journey to the Sapphire Nation, but jail gave him time to think about his misadventure.

Ren’s only hope for getting out of jail and attending the sorcerer’s exam, rests with two thieves he barely knows. They got him into this mess, but can they get him out?

The bigger question is ‘Can Ren even pass?’

Ren has passed the trial to become an apprentice sorcerer, along with four others. Together they must adapt to life on the floating city, that is the Amethyst Nation.

Alongside Ren is Shaya, the twins form the Emerald Nation: Abaze and Adaku, and a young boy from the heart of the Ruby Nation: Goban. They’re forced to work together as a team if they want to advance, but each apprentice has something holding them back. Their instructor isn’t helpful, and would rather be anywhere else.

It falls upon Ren and Goban to lead the class through their group test. If they fail, Ren’s hopes for becoming a sorcerer will disappear.

Ren’s struggles in the university are only just beginning. He may have passed the apprenticeship test, but the Archemthyst as his mentor, he’ll be expected to be the best.

The others have all gained their own mentors, leaving Ren isolated and falling behind.

Can he keep up with his studies? Not after he discovers his mentor is keeping a secret from the entire city!

New Release
Early 2020!

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