Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 08.12.23

Cozy Mystery

Page Count: 243 Pages

A cursed coin, a troubled family, a biased Sheriff, an extraordinary feline, and – wait for it … a couple of dead bodies … Welcome to Cozy Corner!

Recovering from a traumatic experience in New Jersey, Verity Proctor is returning to her ancestral home in Cozy Corner, Massachusetts to open a bookstore. Unbeknownst to her, she is carrying with her a dark, deadly object that many would gladly kill for. Her journey to find a new life encounters wild weather, a secretive aunt, shocking ties to a witches’ coven, a disagreeable yet spicy lawman, bureaucratic red tape, and a mysterious but lovable cat. Verity soon finds her grandmother is missing, a coven sister is murdered, and her house is broken into. She and the sheriff need to stop the murderer before Verity herself is targeted, that is if they can keep their lips off each other!

Aggie is a lifetime resident of “The Burgh” (Pittsburgh, PA). When she’s not dealing with the chaos of life, you can usually find her out in nature thinking up new ideas for magical books for you to read. As a trained visual artist, she likes to “paint a picture” with the stories she offers, letting you live with the characters of the books.

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