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Behind the Writing of Breathing Under Water

Which scene, character or plotline changed the most from first draft to published book?

I’m what you call a panster: I don’t plot out the book in advance, I let the characters and story dictate what’s next. So I can say that no one was more surprised than me when the story shifted because . . . Wait. I can’t tell you that because it would be a spoiler. 😉

Which of the side characters would you love to explore more, or turn into a main character in another series?

Stephanie! She is so much fun, and I know there is so much in there dying to come out! So much so, that even though this was never the plan, her book is underway! (SO excited about it)

What do you hope readers will take away from this story?

While the book is a RomCom, I’d like to think it’s not “traditional”. Alongside the romance and humor, there are some wonderfully poignant and emotional issues several characters deal with. I hope the book resonates in readers hearts even deeper than the typical romance, banter, and chemistry we all want in a contemporary romantic comedy, and they feel for themselves what it’s like to be Breathing Under Water.

Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 10-09-2023

Romantic Comedy
Clean & Wholesome Romance

Page Count: 290 Pages




My life seems to be running me, and not the other way around. That’s why I’ve taken a leave from work and come to this small island to try and “find myself” for the first time since . . . well, ever.

Unfortunately, ever since I got here, my life has become a series of humiliating events that all seem centered around my flirtatious new neighbor, Deacon King.

I need to stop running into him before I embarrass myself even more, and he needs to stop flashing me his bright smile, ocean-blue eyes, and perfectly sculpted abs. And he also needs to start remembering that he’s married with a kid, or he is going to find out just how much trouble I can be.


I feel like my new neighbor could be a lot of trouble. Sam Turner is one of the most unexpected hurricanes to ever blow onto this island. She can’t catch a break whenever she’s around me and ends up in the most uncomfortable situations
. . . for her. Personally, I find it adorable.

I can tell she’s trying to avoid me, but there’s a tug in the middle of my chest that’s pulling me to find ways to spend time with her—even though it’s the last thing I should do.

She seems a little bit of crazy and a whole lot of complicated, but my heart doesn’t seem to care.

And for some reason, she thinks I’m married.

Breathing Under Water is a sweet, clean, closed-door romance full of heart, banter, laughs, chemistry, sizzling kisses, but with no explicit content.

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