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Behind the Writing of Home Tours, History & Homicide

Tell us about the background for the theme, what inspired it or why you wanted to write in this setting, or with play with these tropes?

This book is set in the Missouri Ozarks, the area where I grew up and recently returned to live. I love being able to share with readers the beauty of the rolling hills, the cozy feeling of a group of small-town friends, the puzzle of a murder mystery, and a hint of romance. Nothing delights me more in a book than that combination of comfort, friendship, and a puzzle. A dollop of romance is the icing on the cake!

What special knowledge or research was required to write this book?

In writing this book I had to research historic home styles, particularly the “Ozark Giraffe Houses” that were built in Missouri around the time of the Great Depression. I also had to research a “mystery antique” that’s referenced in the book. As you might imagine, that was all a ton of fun!

What do you hope readers will take away from this story?

I hope readers will leave this book with a smile and with the reassurance that this world still holds good people who believe in fairness, kindness, and justice. My hope is to provide clean, uplifting entertainment.

Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 04-20-2023

Cozy Mystery

Page Count: 258 Pages


Event-Planning Tip No. 57: Avoid any connection between your fundraiser and murder.

Libby Ballard, director of the history museum in the small town of Dogwood Springs, Missouri, is excited to be organizing a tour of historic homes to raise funds for the museum. With plans in full swing, she drops by to confirm details with one of the homeowners and makes a gruesome discovery—the homeowner has been murdered.

Who could have possibly wanted to kill a local doctor, and why?

The police suspect the victim’s wife, but Libby thinks there’s more to the story. With the historic homes tour in jeopardy and violence escalating, Libby, her friends, and her trusty golden retriever dig deeper into the case.

But will Libby be able to uncover the killer’s identity before they strike again?

Don’t miss this thrilling tale of mystery, murder, and small-town secrets.

If you like a cozy mystery with a pet who will win your heart, friends who feel like family, and a hint of romance, you’ll love this series!

This is a clean read with no profanity, sex, or graphic violence.

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