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Behind the Writing of Mystery Maid

Are any of your characters based on real people you know?

Monty the rambunctious Great Dane puppy Ivy adopted is based on our IRL family dog. He’s a sleek, gorgeous, and massive galloping goofball that sleeps all day like a cat, has his own section of the couch, and leans into my legs to comfort me when I could use a hug.

Tell us about character traits that were fun or hard for you to include in the book.

One of my favorite things was creating a group of new friends from different backgrounds, with lovable traits, forgivable flaws and skills to help solve the puzzle. They were friends I would love to have in a different life if I were single, had an inheritance and was itching to start over in London England. It was and continues to be so much fun to develop them as the series continues with new mysteries to solve.

Which of the side characters would you love to explore more, or turn into a main character in another series?

This may be spoilery, but here goes! I have special plans for the stern matronly head housekeeper Mrs. Becker that make me laugh just to think of them. They include revealing her intriguing back story, the soft heart under her stern exterior and a pet adoption that will melt anyone’s heart.

Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 09/01/2022

Culinary Mysteries
Animal Mysteries

Page Count: 192 Pages

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A posh hotel, guests with secrets to hide and a mysterious dead body.

Ivy Stone is excited to begin her first day as a maid at London’s Hotel LaFontaine, but from the moment she arrives, nothing goes as planned. She insults a guest, is snubbed by the other maids, and finds a dead body, all before lunch.

With help from new friends on staff, Ivy’s amateur sleuthing uncovers clues to a thickening plot of revenge among the glamorous guests.

While preparing for a prestigious fashion show, sampling gourmet dishes and falling deeper in love with Monty the pup, Ivy suspects the killer is among them and will strike again.

In a race against time, Ivy must unmask the true culprit and save her friends before it’s too late.


A deliciously addictive cozy mystery full of charm and intrigue with bonus recipes included!

The Maid Ivy Cozy Mystery Books are standalone books in a series aimed at adults and can be enjoyed by young adults who love a great whodunit full of friendship, clues and heart.

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