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Behind the Writing of Shadow of Destiny

Are any of your characters based on real people you know?

The main character, Veron, is written for my son. Not “based on him” per se, but an example of what I hope for him as he grows. The name “Veron” comes from the Latin word veritas, meaning truth. He tells the truth and does what’s right, even when it’s difficult. He has natural ability but also works hard to get better. He’s not perfect, but learns from his mistakes and ultimately does the right thing in the end.

Tell us about character traits that were fun or hard for you to include in the book.

Brixton was a blast to write. You can never quite tell whether he’s good or bad, and when you think you have him figured out, he surprises you. Developing his arc was the most fun I’ve had as a writer.

Were there any alternate endings you considered?

Yes, I considered two possible endings for one of the main characters. In one version, they die at the end (unexpected, but appropriate for the story) and in the other version they barely survive. I went back and forth between the two, and I’m not going to say here which one I ended up with. 🙂

Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 06/30/22

Young Adult
Coming of Age Fantasy
Epic Fantasy

Page Count: 424 Pages


The epic conclusion to the Shadow Knights Trilogy will leave you breathless until the last word!

Hiding in a remote village, Veron finds a belonging he never knew possible. Lured by the comfort of friends and peace, his destiny to save the land becomes an afterthought.

When the threat to the kingdom hits home, everything he loves is put in danger. He must take up his sword and begin an epic journey to fulfill his calling, knowing the path may cost him his life.

The future of Terrenor hangs in the balance, and Veron is the only one able to save it.

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