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Behind the Writing of Tales of Elhaanal

Is there meaning behind the title, or series name?

The first book and series is called Tales of Elhaanai, and the meaning of the word really fits with my genre, Christian fantasy, and the story. “El” is the judeo-christian word for “God”, Hãnai is Hawaiian for the informal adoption of someone by another. Together they would mean Gods adopted family/person, and if you read book one you see how that is relevant mainly to Alric. I did not intentionally look for this word, I was given it in much the same way as the story was given to me. A small voice whispered it into my spirit and I wrote It down.   Were there any alternate endings you considered? I toyed with the idea of having Akronius and Elainea fall in love, play on age meaning nothing in the face of true love and add it as a perk to his redemption but it just didn’t seem natural to me. I had intentionally left out romance so to try and change it felt forced. Ultimately I did not feel led to follow that train of thought.   What do you hope readers will take away from this story? I hope my readers will see that your beginning does not dictate your ending. That Faith, in something or someone greater than yourself, is a necessity in life and redemption is available to anyone who seeks it. I hope they will be able to see my own faith between the lines, be inspired and transported into a world where anything is possible and fear does not hold anyone back. Facebook Twitter Instagram Amazon Read Now

Tales of Elhaanal
by Nichole Patrice Thomas
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 4.13.20

Coming of Age
Christian Fantasy

Page Count: 144 Pages


An ancient evil spirit has seeped through the cracks of the monarchy bringing death and darkness where there once was light.

Thinking to take control of the dark magic the usurper is caught in her own snare and thrusts the Kingdom into the waiting arms of The Dark Lord himself.

Caught between reality and destiny Alric will have to learn to fight and stay one step ahead of the hunters seeking his life.

Can he save the Kingdom from sinking into total chaos? Can he stay alive long enough to do it?

Vote Now for Tales of Elhaanal as the 2020 Indie Fantasy Book of the Year!

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