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Behind the Writing of Undivine: A Flashback Novel

Tell us about the background for the story, what inspired it or why you wanted to write this story. I wanted a heroin who was the last of her House having to fight to survive. All the while the past-sayings of her mentor guided her way with the entire purpose to show how he truly believed she was destined to lead. Chris and I talked it out and he loved it, too, so we got to designing everything.   What special knowledge or research was required to write this book? It probably isn’t all that obvious in the book, but I always study the cities that I write in. I buy tourist guides, roll over Google Maps, and so on. I also tend to write in cities that I’ve personally been to, and since this was partially based in LA, I knew the basics pretty well already having lived out there for a few years. Chris still lives out that way, too, so I can always ask him for updates and details as needed.   Was there something major that happened in your personal life while writing this? I lost my chihuahua, Pepper. Sweetest little guy ever. It’s hard for some folks to understand, I know, but I’ve never felt such heartbreak. While the event happened prior to writing this series, it was during that time that I felt like my own House was ripped away from me, which is what gave me the initial inspiration for Evangeline and Kayson’s backstory together. Kayson is a Hellwolf. A little bigger than Pepper was, obviously, but my little guy had a big heart! 🙂 Facebook Twitter Instagram Amazon Read Now

Undivine: A Flashback Novel
by John P. Logsdon & Christopher P. Young
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 4.24.20

Urban Fantasy

Page Count: 274 Pages


Life in the Guard of Sinister House is always interesting. Sometimes, it’s downright blistering.

Garrick is always grooming Evangeline to be his replacement, should the need ever arise. That means she gets sent on a lot of shit missions. He trusts her. She delivers…usually by kicking a ton of ass along the way.

Desperate times often require insane measures, and times have gotten pretty damn desperate.

Three of the minor hellion Houses are making a move against the hellwolves. It’s political for the hellions, but for the hellwolves it’s literally a case of life or death.

Fortunately, Garrick is bringing the Guard of House Sinister to their aid.

Eve is assigned an espionage mission that will push her to the limit, forcing her to channel distasteful things she’d learned in her youth. Sadly, even that pales in the face of being thrown to the front lines, fighting to do her duty no matter the price. In order to succeed, she’ll have to face horrors she’s never even imagined.

Sometimes the price of duty seriously sucks…

Vote Now for Undivine: A Flashback Novel as the 2020 Indie Fantasy Book of the Year!

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