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When most readers think of authors, they imagine an introvert that rarely leaves their house and drinks way too much coffee. Likewise, when most new authors think of Conventions, they assume they are only for the big names and readers. But conventions and conferences are a great place to socialize with readers and other authors for any writer. Even if you haven’t yet hit the publish button on your first book, attending a few events throughout the year can be beneficial to your career as an author.

Conferences and Conventions offer the networking needed to help you grow as a writer, and get your work in front of the right people. There are do’s and don’t at both but no matter if you attend as a spectator or a speaker they are a worthy investment.


  1. After Party / Hotel Lounge / Local Bar
    • Do – Attend these functions while you are there. You will find that most authors / agents / etc will be frequenting these places and are happy to chat with fellow authors and readers.
    • Don’t – Get drunk! While everyone has a drink while they are there, make sure you know your limit and when to switch to water. It can leave a lasting bad impression if you are the person vomiting on the sidewalk or being a loud drunk person. Plus in this social media age you don’t want to be going viral before your book does for something not so pleasant you did.
  2. Bring Business Cards
    • Do – Create a professional card to have at hand while at any event. Make sure it has your contact information on and off line, and a photo of yourself or your latest work. These events are packed full of potential, you will want to remember to connect with people you meet once home, likewise others will want a reminder of you.
    • Don’t – Bring anything less than a professionally printed business card. No manuscripts, pamphlets or flyers. The business card is more than enough. When handing them out never force them on anyone, if you are giving them to every Tom, Dick and Harry you meet the majority of them will end up in the trash. Chat with someone on a human level ask for theirs and offer yours if they want it.
  3. Make the most of the event
    • Do – Create a schedule for yourself of must attend speakings, signings, etc before you get there. You are paying money for this event, make sure you get the most out of it. Engage in conversations with other participants, be as involved as possible while you are there. The information you can take back from any convention or conference will be well worth it. Make friends, acquaintances, business connections and follow up on them once you are home. The event will be exciting and a lot to take in, so make sure to take notes, and make lists so no connection is forgotten!
    • Don’t – Show up and wing it. It may definitely work for some people but as a new author it is better to be prepared.


Here is a great list of more need to knows before going to your first event. Below is a list of known conventions and conferences, if you know of any that aren’t on our list let us know in the comments!

Genre Fiction

In Alphabetical Order:

  1. 4th Street Fantasy
    1. Minnesota, Annually – Fantasy
  2. Alaska Book Week
    1. Alaska, Annually
  3. Authors and Audiences
    1. Delaware, Annually
  4. Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend
    1. Wisconsin, Annually
  5. Beaver County Book Fest
    1. Pennsylvania, Annually
  6. Boise Book Fest
    1. Idaho, Annually
  7. The Book Con
    1. NYC, Annually
  8. Bookitcon
    1. New Jersey, Annually
  9. Books in Bloom Literary Festival
    1. Arkansas, Annually
  10. Boston Teen Author Festival
    1. Massachusetts, Annually
  11. Brattleboro Literary Festival
    1. Vermont, Annually
  12. Bronx Book Fair
    1. New York, Annually
  13. Bubonicon
    1. New Mexico, Annually
  14. Buckeye Book Fair
    1. Ohio, Annually
  15. Chocolate Fest & Book Faire
    1. West Virginia, Annually
  16. Coastal Magic Convention
    1. Florida, Annually – urban fantasy, paranormal, and romance
  17. ConStellation
    1. Alabama, Annually – science fiction and fantasy
  18. Dahlonega Literary Festival
    1. Georgia, Annually
  19. Dakota Cowboy Poetry Gathering
    1. North Dakota, Annually
  20. Dayton Book Expo
    1. Ohio, Annually
  21. Deckle Edge
    1. South Carolina, Annually
  22. Emerald City Author Event
    1. Washington, Annually
  23. For the Love of Books & Authors
    1. Authors and Readers informal Mingle – Different Cities throughout the year.
    1. Rhode Island, Annually
  25. Gaithersburg Book Festival
    1. Maryland, Annually
  26. The Great American Book Festival
    1. South Dakota, Annually
  27. HallowRead
    1. Maryland, Annually – Paranormal, Fantasy
  28. Hawai’i Book & Music Festival
    1. Hawaii, Annually
  29. ICON
    1. Iowa, Annually – Science Fiction, Fantasy
  30. InD’Scribe Con
    1. California, Annually
  31. Jewish Book Festival
    1. Connecticut, Annually
  32. Kansas Book Festival
    1. Kansas, Annually
  33. Keen State College Children’s Literature Festival
    1. New Hampshire, Annually
  34. Killer Nashville
    1. Mystery/Thriller, Tennessee, Annually
  35. Literary Connection
    1. Wyoming, Annually
  36. Madison Print & Resist
    1. Wisconsin, Annually
  37. Mildred Laughlin Festival of Books for Young People
    1. Oklahoma, Annually
  38. Montana Book Festival
    1. Montana, Annually
  39. Nantucket Book Festival
    1. Massachusetts, Annually
  40. Nebraska Book Festival
    1. Nebraska, Annually
  41. Necronomicon
    1. Florida, Annually – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
  42. Nevada Humanities Literary Crawl
    1. Nevada, Annually
  43. New Orleans Poetry Festival
    1. Louisiana, Annually
  44. Northern Arizona Book Festival
    1. Arizona, Annually
  45. NoVa Teen Book Festival
    1. Virginia, Annually
  46. Once Upon a Book
    1. Michigan, Annually
  47. Ontario Teen Book Fest
    1. California, Annually
  48. Open Book
    1. Indiana, Annually
  49. The Oxford Conference for the Book
    1. Mississippi, Annually
  50. PennedCon
    1. Missouri, Annually
  51. Philalia
    1. Pennsylvania, Annually
  52. Rochester Children’s Book Festival
    1. New York, Annually
  53. Romance Writers of America Annual Conference
    1. Different Cities, Annually
  54. The Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair
    1. Washington, Annually
  55. Sirens
    1. Colorado, Annually – women of fantasy literature
  56. SleuthFest
    1. Florida, Annually
  57. Texas Book Festival
    1. Austin, Texas, Annually
  58. Thrillerfest
    1. Mystery/Thrillers, NYC, Annually
  59. Timpanogos Storytelling Festival
    1. Utah, Annually
  60. UtopiaCon
    1. Tennessee, Annually
  61. Vegas Valley Book Festival
    1. Nevada, Annually
  62. Wild Wicked Weekend
    1. Texas, Annually
  63. Woodstock Bookfest
    1. New York, Annually
  64. Words and Wine Benefit
    1. Maryland, Annually
  65. Wordstock
    1. Oregon, Annually
  66. Worldcon and North American Science Fiction Convention
    1. Location varies world wide, Annually
  67. YA Fest
    1. Pennsylvania, Annually
  68. Young Adult Literature Conference
    1. Illinois, Annually

Writers Conventions

In Alphabetical Order:

  1. APW Writing Conference
    1. Different Cities Annually
  2. BookExpo America (BEA)
    1. NYC, Annually
  3. Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference
    1. Vermont, Annually
  4. Chicago Writer’s Conference
    1. Chicago, Annually (Hiatus for 2017)
  5. Community of Writers
    1. Squaw Valley
  6. Kenyon Review Writer’s Workshop
    1. Ohio
  7. Las Vegas Writer’s Conference
    1. Las Vegas, Annually
  8. Midwest Writers Workshop
    1. Indiana, Annually
  9. Northern Colorado Writers Conference
    1. Fort Collins, Annually
  10. San Francisco Writers Conference
    1. San Francisco, Annually
  11. San Francisco Writing for Change Conference
    1. San Francisco, Annually
  12. Sewanee Writer’s Conference
    1. Tennessee, Annually
  13. Show Me Writers Masterclass
    1. Missouri, Annually
  14. Surrey International Writer’s Conference
    1. Surrey, Canada, Annually
  15. Tin House Summer Workshops
    1. Portland,
  16. Napa Valley Writer’s Conference
    1. Napa Valley,
  17. UNM Summer Writers’ Conference
    1. New Mexico
  18. Vancouver Writer’s Fest
    1. Vancouver,
  19. Women Writers’ Conference
    1. Kentucky, Annually (Men are welcome!)
  20. Writers Digest Conference
    1. NYC in August, Annually
  21. Writer’s Winter Escape Cruise
    1. Departs from Florida, Annually
  22. Yale Summer Session
    1. Yale, Annually

Indie Publishing

  1. IBPA Publishing University
    1. Portland, OR
  2. Indie Author Day
    1. October 14, Various Locations
  3. Indie Author Fringe
    1. Annually in March, June and October, Online
  4. Indie Bookfest
    1. Florida, Annually
  5. Indie Romance Convention
    1. Lebanon, TN
  6. Self-Publishing Book Expo
    1. NYC, Annually
  7. The Self-Publishing Conference
    1. Leicester, England


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