New Release: Bury the Cups

Bury the Cups
Series: Hill Country Mysteries, Book 5

Book Synopsis:


Hailey is getting used to the idea of being a part time sleuth.

Solving crimes around the small town of Marble Falls has proven to be more fun than she expected, especially now that Azure is on board.

She quickly realizes she Jinxed her self when two cases land in her lap at once, and Azure wants her to pass on them both.

She doesn’t have the heart to tell either of the victims no, so she doubles down on getting the girls to help her solve them.

Will Hailey discover who murdered Sam?

Can she help Vera uncover the vegetable caper?

Or will she hang up her sleuthing cap once and for all.

Read Bury the Cups today to find out!

Bury the Cups is the fifth book in the Hill Country Mysteries series set in the heart of Texas.

Each book is a clean, full-length, snarky, cozy mystery, that doesn’t always involve a death.

Jess' Review:


Really quite adorable. Hailey is growing up as she and Azure are growing closer in their bond. She really takes a step up to lead. It seems, in the beginning, she has such a full plate, but as the story moves forward, she handles all quite well. Even the terrifying events with Tanner. That scene gave me a few tears as she and Azure held a brief, but emotional conversation. I’m surprised by who the thief was in the main mystery, but at the same time can understand why while at the same time being saddened by it. I quite look forward to what comes next for Hailey, Azure, and all the rest of Marble Falls.

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