Want to share the experience of reading a book for the first time?
Discuss a book you read previously?

We have a monthly book club where we do just that! Join in on our discord server just for Fantasy book lovers to come and chat while reading the same book. 

This active club is the perfect place to shout with people who get it. We break each book up into chapters per week to take the pressure off of trying to find time to read. Sundays we discuss up to where we are in the story, and schedule a final discussion around the last Sunday of each month. 


Do you have a book you’ve been dying to read with other people? Let us know! We can schedule a Read Along, so others in the server can jump in and read with you!


Be on the look out for the Word of The Day! Try and use it in a sentence or tell us your thoughts on it. We love to chat about words!

Book Club



Read Alongs

Word of The Day

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