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Dragon Raider
by Ava Richardson
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Publication Date: 3.28.2018

Young Adult
Sword & Sorcery Fantasy

Page Count: 384 Pages


Will adapting to a changing world make one young woman lose touch with where she came from?

Far from the kingdom of Torvald, on the Western Isles near the coast, Sea Dragons rule the skies. Lila is the daughter of the Raider leader, destined to take his place one day aboard their plundering ships. Her people value only what shiny trinkets they can get their hands on, but she aspires to much more than that: Lila wants the Raiders to become Dragon Mercenaries, dragon riders who help protect merchant fleets and navies from attack. Her father Kasian is skeptical, but a young monk named Danu—with a quest of his own—comes bearing a prophecy claiming that Lila is the lost heir of Roskilde, a born Dragon Rider.

With Danu’s guidance, Lila finds the unruly dragon she’s destined to bond with—but the mismatched pair soon learn that much more than just their futures is at stake.

Alegra’s Review:


Loved this story so such. Brought my love off dragons to life. With a stellar female protagonist. Kick ass plot with lots of conflict. Made for a exciting novel to read.

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Manda’s Review:


Good concept

It took me a little while to get into this book. It started out a little slow, but did pick up some through the middle to the end. I like the concept of the story, and the world is good too. I also liked the take on how humans bond with dragons in this story. There are several different groups within this one story, and sometimes the points of view made it hard to follow.
The execution though through some points could have been done a little better. Lila is our lead character and she did come across sort of juvenile at times, and not as an older teen. Danu comes in as a Mage in training and he is the first in many years. They both can be a little bratty in their mannerisms and the way they interact. Crux the dragon is really a great character, and he comes across as wise with a little sass. I could have done without so much of the calls from the dragons though to be honest. Overall I did like the story and recommend it as a quick and easy read. I am considering reading the others in the series

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Zach’s Review:


Ultimately didn’t enjoy the book. Characters and plot were predictable with some interesting story elements though. Read over half the book and then lost interest.

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Sabetha’s Review:


This book was a chore for me. The only reason I forced myself to finish it was because it was a book club read.

If you enjoy the stereotypical YA troupe of “a nobody discovers she isn’t who she thought she was” then you might appreciate it more than I did. It’s not even really the troupe, if done right those books can be awesome. It’s more the entire story was boring and predicable. Like a copy and paste over done plot.

The main character was a spoiled arrogant brat, maybe it was supposed to be self assured confidence but it came of as me, me, me. It seemed like an adult wrote a YA book how adults view YA characters, not how YA characters view themselves. Her parents were jarring personalities, and a lot of the facts felt forced. The character growth was choppy at best so when it did happen it was a blink and they were a new rediscovered person. There were so many story issues for me, I just couldn’t get into the book.

One of the saving features was that there wasn’t any romance, thank goodness the two MCs didn’t go that direction.

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Jess’ Review:


I think the story here has potential, but needs work. I was unable to finish the book, unfortunately. I don’t do that very often, but I could no longer read the arrogance of the MC and the blind faith of the secondary MC. The dragon helped the MC’s attitude slightly, but not enough for me to continue to read through. I did like that the dragons had intelligence and were not just dumb beasts. I just don’t agree with how the MC intended to use them for extremely selfish reasons. I understand it is YA, but I had hoped it would be slightly more adult.

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