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Behind the Writing of The Rose, Vol. 1

Is there meaning behind the title, or series name?

There is. The Rose is actually a meditation practice used by alchemists. I came across the meditation through a friend who is a practicing alchemists. Alchemy, for those who don’t know, is a practice that changes chemical structures (eg. turning led into gold). The meditation was described as a useful tool for empaths to use as protection from what is termed “energy vampires,” or those people who tap and drain your life force. When performing the meditation the meditator is to envision a rose at the tip of their fingers (arms stretched), firmly rooted in the earth. Now, everything from the center of your body out to the rose (or picture a bubble around you and the end of that bubble is the rose) is within your ethereal plane. Nothing can penetrate your protective bubble that you choose to not allow in. Hence, if you come across an energy vampire you can use this meditation as a layer of protection or yourself. Yes, I have some eccentric tastes, practices, and associates. But, try it out, I use it often and the meditation works beautifully. Although, for the story I had to amp up the meditation into a super power. So, not only did I maintain the rose meditation as a protective practice, but I also included the ability to transform chemical structures within the ethereal plane and included the ability to suspend gravity and move objects with a thought (as long as it is within your bubble of protection). In the story, a true master of the rose meditation has the ability to stretch their protective bubble. The more you master this practice, the larger your field of protection. Funny thing is – like all things – if your battling someone who has the same training, that’s where the true test comes in. It’s kind of like having dueling magicians fight it out over who is the most powerful.

Which of the side characters would you love to explore more, or turn into a main character in another series?

Yes, Cameron. Cameron is an explosives expert and part of the American Military who, when we first meet Cameron in The Rose, he’s conflicted with following orders, mostly because the people he’s been protecting during the war he’s been ordered to hold captive while also having to heed the orders of his enemies. At this point in time in the story human beings are still unaware that aliens exist and Cameron is no exception. Although he quickly discovers the existence of alien vampires while attempting to blow up the medical compound and reprogramming camp he’s been stationed at. Cameron is that classic character thrown into a world he’s completely unaware of and all he wants to do is to survive, and save as many people as he can. He’s always quick with a one liner, and has a die hard no holds barred mentality attempting to navigate through the compound to safety. So far the feedback I’ve received is that Cameron is a favorite character, the one who steals the show, so I would definitely enjoy using Cameron as a main character in his own series. The only question I have at the moment is whether or not he will survive Vol. 2. One never knows where those characters will end up, not even me. I guess Cameron will have to decide for himself.

What special knowledge or research was required to write this book?

Ancient alien theories and alien lore, which are included throughout the story and upcoming series. I enjoy the show ancient aliens and have been intrigued by alien lore, mythology, and theories since childhood, especially after growing up in the Hudson Valley region of New York where UFO sightings were rampant during the 1980’s. People talked about UFO’s all the time back then and little young PD at the time with his overactive imagination clung on to it. Very intriguing stuff if you ask me. So, when I was cultivating the story behind The Rose, I wanted to include ancient alien theories and mythology, weaving these elements into the greater plot and overall arc the series will develop over time. Questions like, Why are they here? Where did they go? Why do they remain in the shadows? were questions I wanted to answer in the story, or, at the very least, add another theory for my fellow ancient alien fans to appreciate. I delved deep into the thicket of alien lore before, during, and after writing The Rose, and if you are an ancient alien fan I’m more than sure you can spot the references and theories that exist within the story. Sometimes they are just little tid bit references to a theory, and sometimes the theory is the basis or foundation for a particular alien species, although I always put my own spin on it. I spent countless hours and days making sure the theories were represented accurately (or as accurately as a theory could be presented), in honor of fellow fans. I hope my passion comes through in the story.

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The Rose, Vol. 1
by PD Alleva
Indie Author: Yes
Kindle Unlimited: No
Publication Date: 10.7.20

Science Fiction

Page Count: 304 Pages

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